Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Horror of Change

At last, the first draft of my new short story titled, "The Changing" is done. This story is Science Fiction and Horror. It's themes deal with change. Let's face it, people are afraid of change. There are numerous current events which point to that fact. Change is a bitter pill to swallow. There are two main characters in this tale. The first scene introduces the reader to the purple princess, later on we learn her name is Mistress Lila. She is like nothing anyone has ever seen before, although outwardly appearances would have you think she's human. However, her actions and how she relates to living creatures will quickly demonstrate that Mistress Lila is not like any woman you know. The other main character is Secret Service Agent Dante Cruz. He has special skills and a keen sense of awareness. He comes back from a hunting trip to find his world turned upside down. He could swear he was living in an alternate universe. Of course, he isn't. He's just one character resistant to change, yet he embodies change.

The opening scene screams of horror but then the story takes on a Science Fiction feel to it. Events that unfold are bizarre and the realization that we humans are vulnerable to forces not recognized by most of society, hit home hard. There are changes that occur all around us but do we have the courage to face them? Do we have what it takes to insure the survival of our kind? For all the preparation and show of force our country exudes, we were vulnerable to an air attack. When I predicted an attack by air against New York City, 15 years before the World Trade Center was hit, I was thinking more along the lines of a dropped bomb or chemical weapons. So when I saw the second plane strike the other tower, I was stunned that anyone would bring about change in such a drastic manner, just to prove a point.

Change sometimes can lead to good things, but in this story, it brings about the realization that we are not prepared for everything. There are some changes we will not welcome. If you don't believe me, ask Dante Cruz. Better yet, read "The Changing" and witness firsthand, the horror of change.

Nomar Knight

Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Side of Characterization

Have you ever made a choice where the outcome was something mundane? Let's say you decided to walk to the convenient store to buy a container of milk. Since the store is about 5 minutes away on foot, you'd normally drive, but without giving it much thought you walk to the store. You arrive at your destination, pick up the milk container, pay for it, and go back home. Boring! But wait! In one alternate universe, the other you gets run over by a truck. In yet another alternate universe, the other you meets someone interesting and gets a date for the night. The fact that that version of you is married, didn't matter because that you has no morals. In another version, you love walking because it's easier to spot your next kill. Get the picture?

I guess what I'm getting at is that it's a good idea to treat your characters the same way, always looking through the eyes of someone who sees alternate plains of existence. Let's face it, if we lived in other author's created worlds, getting milk would be quite an adventure. Imagine living in one of Laurel K. Hamilton's worlds. You go out for milk and pick up a hot babe, only to find out she's a werewolf, or vampire or whatever. Just because our lives may not be so exciting, doesn't mean our characters have to imitate us. ;-)

Until next time. Look for me at a theater near you. I just may be the quiet psycho sitting next to you, scheming, drooling for the chance to get you alone. Oops, that's not me, that would be one of my alternates in another realm. Oh well, catch you later.

Nomar Knight