Sunday, April 28, 2013

Brothers in Blood

Here's my tribute to the Boston Marathon Victims and that wonderful city.

Brothers in Blood
By Nomar Knight

Just part of the crowd
Enjoying the surroundings
Breathing the city air
Listening to laughing children
Cheering for the runners
Admiring their perseverance
Just another beautiful day until


Shattered dreams
Terrible screams
Shards of glass
Blood everywhere
Shock leaves me frozen
What just happened

Before I could explain it
More screams in the distance
Smoke filled the air
Sirens hollering
Police scurry to and fro

Medics, nurses, doctors frantic
Must stop the bleeding
Ignore the tears
Let training take over
Victims of a living nightmare
Praying for salvation

Cameras shooting chaos
People separated by madness
Darkness roaming in broad daylight
Must save them
Can't give up
A child grows still

Precious life extinguished
Haunted images bombard reality
Save as many as you can
When the smoke clears
The hunt will begin
Deliverers of destruction
Will fall because Boston Rules

This better not happen again
America is resilient
No black or white
No political games
Next year's boom
Will be a bloom of runners
Brothers in blood forever victorious

©2013 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Poem.