Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love Me

Love Me
By Nomar Knight

Love me with flaws and all
Don't let my imperfections
Slam us against a wall

Love me for who I am
A kind soul itching to be seen
Not your whenever plaything

Love me cause when I fall
I rise to feel your grace
With you I stand tall

Love me for who I am
A caring partner not a fleeting fling
An angel with one clipped wing

Love me like no one can
With soft caresses
And gentle hands

Love me from dusk till dawn
Open your heart
Give us a new start

Love me before my breath goes
To the land of silence
The lake of woes

Love me for all I'm worth
Break indecision's chain
And stop this pain

©2011 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Till Death Do We Part

Till Death Do We Part
By Nomar Knight

I glide through fog, dodging dying trees, listening for your heartbeat.  Anger beckons me like a moth to a flame.  Surely you didn’t think I wouldn’t find you?  With one furious strike you plunged the blade into my chest and left me to die in this godforsaken forest. 
The sound of splintered branches stops me cold.  I tremble, not from fear, but intense anticipation.  I shut my eyes to allow your retreat to guide me, when chills run along my spine as your broken whimpers lift up my spirit. 
I whisper, hoping my voice can break through clouded barriers.  “I’m coming for you, darling.”
Never one for confrontation, I had shied away from revealing the truth, that I knew you had a forbidden lover.  I clutch my aching chest, still in awe of your reaction to my illuminating revelation.  Peeking up at the starless heaven, I wonder how you could plunge the blade and destroy all that we once were. 
More whimpers lead me to adjust my course and travel west.  The sound of something dragging on drenched terrain, just ahead, adds to my desire to make things right.
The temptation to call out and ask if you’re hurt is silenced by my need to surprise you.  How could you know that I’m extraordinary?  Your violent reaction forced me to tear my shirt and make a tourniquet to control the bleeding. 
Somewhere in the midst of white blindness, I sense you rise, step hard on the ground and hear you cry out as your body lands with a thud. 
I step closer and at last the fog lifts just enough to reveal you holding a swollen ankle. 
“Who’s there?”
Desperation rings from your voice.  I stop, surprised that I don’t attack you.  There are so many things I want to tell you, so much love left inside me to give. 
I glance at my right hand and realize my knuckles turned white for the tight grip on the knife’s handle serves to transfer my pain. 
“Honey, I’m coming for you.”
I step through, marveling at how the purity of the clouds surrounds us.  Your gaping mouth and trembling body increases my desire to have you. 
“This can’t be.  You’re dead.”
You bury your head in your hands and shudder.  Each sob stabs sorrow into my heart. 
“I’m sorry, Nestor.” You say, “I didn’t know what else to do.  I panicked.”
I drop the knife, step closer and gently pull down your hands.  Our eyes meet.  “We’re married for better or worse.”
With nose running and cheeks filled with tears, you sigh, “I cheated.  I’m sorry.”
“We can get passed this.”
“But I stabbed you in the heart.  How can you be alive?”
I reach to stroke your hair, never expecting you to push me to the ground.  I land on my back and watch with horror as you lunge for the knife.  
“Why won’t you just die?”
You take the blade and jab at my foot, coming within an inch of reaching my shoe. 
“This doesn’t have to be like this.”
“Die!  You bastard!”
You slither forward and plunge the knife down, narrowly missing my crotch. 
I grab your wrist, reverse our positions, and put my weight on your chest, struggling to keep the blade off both our necks. 
“Stop it!  I love you!”
“I hate you!”
Your words maim me more than any weapon ever could.  I gather enough air and whisper, “Why?”
“Because you’re my brother.”
I disarm you and roll on my back until I’m sitting against a tree stump.  I watch as your body shakes and you reach into the back of your jeans pocket and pull out a folded paper. 
“Take it.”
I yank the paper, unfold it and read your birth certificate.  Low and behold, your father’s name matches mine. 
“I didn’t know.”
Without warning, you reach for the knife, shoving it while still in my grip toward my wound. 
I had heard rumors about father being locked away in a mental institution.  Schizophrenia they called it.  I read about how it’s possible for a family member to suffer from the same illness. 
I push the tip of the knife off my bleeding chest and with one swift motion; slice the blade across your throat.  Blood squirts on my face, forming sanguinary tears. 
“I’m sorry you got father’s sickness.  I could have helped you.”
I stroke your matted hair as you lie on the ground, choking on your own blood.
“The funny thing about genes, I inherited another condition he had.  I inherited situs inversus.  That’s when the organs are reversed.”
I guide your hands to the middle of my chest, closer to the right side.  “This is where my heart is.”
I cry when I see the sparkle of life abandon your eyes.
“Till death do we part, my darling sister, my darling bride.”

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Flash Fiction Presentation.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Restless Nights


Lying awake in the dark
Wanting my mind to stop
Shut my eyes and you're there
Need to douse this spark
Must sleep or I'll pop
All cause you don't care

It's been months since we spoke
Miss your laughter and voice
Saw an outline of your face
Surely this is a cruel joke
This torture's not by choice
Without you life's a disgrace

Minutes turn to hours
And yet dreams run away
Voices in my head come alive
Only memories are ours
Sleep time's in decay
The hurt in me you drive

Tell me how can this end
Bring happy times back
We must keep the fight
Break this torturous trend
My heart's turning black
Please no more restless nights

Written in the middle of another restless night.

©2011 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Double Winner: The Versatile Blogger Award

It appears that Knight Chills is a double recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award.  Last year I was fortunate enough to receive this award and this year two gifted writers sent it my way.  So before I follow the rules that come with acceptance of this privilege, I want to honor them.

First up, Carole Gill who contributed with her amazing story, Memoir, which happens to rank 10th as of this writing, has graced me with this award.  Carole Gill is an amazing writer of Gothic Romance.  She creates characters that dazzle and frighten the reader with style and grace.  You can honor me by visiting her blog: Carole Gill Official Author Blog.

And the other author who selected me is the great Blaze McRob.  Blaze is one of my favorite horror writers.  He dazzles us with characters that will give you the creeps and stay with you long after you've read the story.  Look for Blaze in his blog Blaze McRob's Tales of Horror.

Now for the rules that bind the next recipients of this award.  They are: thank and recognize the presenter of the award, reveal seven facts about yourself, and then pass the award on to up to 15 other bloggers whom you would like to recognize.

Alright, here are seven facts people might not know about me.

1. I've literally had run-ins with some famous celebrities.  My most memorable encounter was when I accidentally knocked Bo Derek to the ground on a New York City Street.  Don't worry, I helped her up.  The woman has the most amazing eyes.

2. I used to be a die hard Mets fan and one winter wore only a team jacket for the month of December.  I guess I had brain freeze.

3. When I'm alone I sing (badly).  I love music.

4. I coached little league baseball when I was just 15 years old.  I sure enjoyed making the umpires look silly. I'd sound smart and quote bogus rule numbers to win my arguments.

5. Sometimes when I'm teaching I speak real loud just for the fun of it.  (Did it today and now my throat is sore).

6. I coached boys and girls basketball.  Coached women in Puerto Rico's pro league.  That was fun!

7. My first home-run as a little leaguer stunned everyone especially me, since I had my eyes closed.

Here are my choices for the award.

Lisa McCourt Hollar and her amazing blog, Jezri's Nightmares.  She's a wonderful horror writer who always pens interesting articles and stories.  Don't miss out on her blog.  Check it out here.

Linda S. Prather features Indie authors, is an excellent writer who also has great guest bloggers providing impressive articles.  And she's also a real life Paranormal Investigator.  With Linda, what's not to like? Check out her blog here.

Michelle Shaw is a talented writer and poet who informs and entertains with the best of them. She shares her gift by providing a glimpse into her world and is a master at creating titles that stand out from the crowd.  Read her blog here.  

Nicole Ducleroir is a beautiful and talented writer who puts the "V" in versatile.  Stop by her blog and I promise you won't be disappointed. Check it out here.

I urge you to look up these great writers as well.  Poppet, Biola Olatunde, Alex Morgan, and M Pax.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gruesome Copycats: 8 Horror Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes

Gruesome Copycats

I've mentioned that real life inspires horror.  Well, Jay Smith from Criminal Justice Degrees Guide dot com sent me an interesting article to share with our great Knight Chills readers.  Here's the link to where the original article is posted. Meanwhile, enjoy the excerpt for Jay's investigation twisted things around.  Yep, some notorious killers got their inspiration from horror movies.  Check it out!  Here's a glimpse at the first five.  You'll want to read the last 3 on the list for those movies are among my favorites as well.

8 Horror Movies That Inspired Real-Life Crimes

Horror movies are meant to entertain and excite audiences, but by no means are they intended to be taken off the screen and acted out in real life. In some rare cases, horror movies give mentally ill people creative, yet twisted ideas that they feel compelled to repeat. Here are eight horror movies that inspired real-life crimes:
  1. Natural Born Killers

    Natural Born Killers has inspired some of the most gruesome copycat killings in history. The film has been associated with several serial killers, including the homicidal couple Sarah Edmonson and Benjamin Darras. In 1995, the murderous duo dropped LSD and watched Natural Born Killers repeatedly before going on a drug-fueled crime spree of robbing and shooting a convenience store clerk that left her a quadriplegic. During the crime spree, Darras shot and killed a Mississippi businessman. Edmonson was sentenced to 35 years in prison and Darras is doing life.
  2. Scream

    Wes Craven’s slasher movie series Scream was the inspiration behind the murder of Gina Castillo by her 16-year-old son and his 15-year-old cousin, Samuel Ramirez. The two teenagers confessed to the gruesome murder of Castillo and admitted that they did it because they needed money to fund a murder spree that would reenact the story line of the first two Hollywood Scream movies. In order to follow the Scream story line, the teenage boys planned to buy the ghost-face mask and electronic voice boxes that are seen in the movie.
  3. A Clockwork Orange

    Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange has been the inspiration for many twisted real-life crimes, specifically throughout Britain. The crimes have exhibited similarities with the film, but one of the most bizarre cases involved a man named John Ricketts who was dressed up as a droog from A Clockwork Orange and assaulted a woman dressed as Little Britain‘s Vicky Pollard at an office party. The violent movie was banned from UK cinemas because of the increase in violent crimes following its release.
  4. Queen of the Damned

    In 2002, Allan Menzies murdered his longtime friend, Thomas McKendrick, because he claimed a character in the vampire movie, Queen of the Damned, told him to do it and promised to make him a vampire in the next life. After watching the film about 100 times and receiving a visit from the female vampire Akasha in the middle of the night, he decided to murder people. Menzies also believed that McKendrick and another friend were plotting to kill him, but he turned on McKendrick first. Menzies stabbed his friend to death, drank his blood, and ate part of his head before burying him in a shallow grave. The "vampire killer" was later found dead in his prison cell from an apparent suicide.
  5. Child’s Play 3

    Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were 10 years old when they kidnapped and brutally murdered two-year-old James Bulger in Liverpool. In 1993, Thompson and Venables snatched the toddler from a shopping mall and took him to a railway line where they beat and sexually assaulted the young boy. They left Bulger’s mutilated body on the railway tracks to die. Thompson and Venables were supposedly inspired by the horror film Child’s Play 3. The killer doll movies caused a great deal of controversy in the United Kingdom, as well as a public outcry for tightening "video nasties."

Get numbers 6, 7, and 8 here.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Lost on Isolation Road

Lost on Isolation Road
By Nomar Knight

No matter what choice I make
Life pulls me to Isolation Road
It snakes through darkness
Freezing air takes hold
Too late to fight it
Can't break the mode

First time swirling wind
Displayed my mistakes
Like a naked exhibitionist
My innocence did break
No one to comfort me
Drowning sorrow in a lake

When last I haunted Isolation Road
Pavement melted on a whim
Encased my essence in muck
Making prospects grim
Yet I tried to chip free
But reality grew dim

The sum of my choices sent me here
Now my heart grows cold
Zest for life entrapped in chains
Drowning while decisions get old
Surrounded by fear
Lost on Isolation Road

©2011 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem.