Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Teacher's Poetic Ramblings

A Teacher's Poetic Ramblings
By Nomar Knight
Reflect on the journey
Emotions rattled by worry
Taken down by death
Crushed with loss
Worst new beginning EVER
I thought
But my people
Ignited by wonder
Fighting for my attention
Showing signs of promise
I'm teaching
Not really
Discover new talent
Angels sing
Genius their thing
Amazed they share
Yep sharing knowledge
Spreading happiness
Lashing out discipline
Teaching self-discipline
No not I
My students that's who
Taking flight with new wings
Soaring to new heights
So many changes coming
For all of us
Let fear not enter
Quench thirst for knowledge
Say goodbye to the old year
Bring in the new
Not teaching anymore
Promote learning instead
Looking forward to watching
These young eagles soar
Do things they couldn't before
Blessed man I am
©2014 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Poem.