Sunday, December 9, 2012

Protecting Evil

Protecting Evil

By Nomar Knight

A friend of mine posed this question: why do horrible people have guardian angels? I said it’s because evil serves a purpose. We don’t like evil people but they do perform a role in this world. I can make an argument and claim that the creator uses evil as a way of testing people, educating souls about themselves, and perhaps the most disturbing reason of all, to balance the world’s population.
Let’s start with the latter. Natural disasters are in place to try and cut into the number of souls roaming the Earth. However, sometimes manmade disasters are part of a master plan. We look at massive deaths as horrifically tragic. Perhaps the creator sees it as a way of calling his people home. I know, what kind of a God would deliberately allow death a free hand at his creations? The only thing I can think of is to restore balance.
As for using evil to teach souls lessons, I believe we learn from every situation whether on a conscious level or subconscious. Yes, some experiences profoundly change who we are. Anyone who prescribes to the theory that God has a master plan probably thinks that destiny has already been written. We just don’t know what the creator’s game plan is. That’s why so many seek out answers through religion.
The third reason for using evil could be to test people. After all, difficult struggles do add to our character. It wouldn’t surprise me that our entire existence in this domain is educational. Maybe it’s an epic vacation filled with unique adventures from where we originally come from. Maybe there is no one true deity. Maybe there’s a sophisticated network from a higher dimension and we all come from that plain of existence. Whatever it is, I’d sure hate to die and find out that we actually are super advanced apes.
Getting back to my friend’s question, it makes sense to me that if we are on some incredible yet temporary adventure, that we have a guardian angel looking out for our interests. Currently, there’s a guardian angel whispering her story in my mind. Her name is Furia. She played an interesting role in my novel, Darkness Roams. The giant female angel is beginning to reveal her secrets. According to her, righteous angels care about humans. She considers herself to be one of the best protectors of mankind, but sometimes she’s forced to protect souls that she would like to extinguish herself.
If you were a guardian angel, would you protect every soul assigned to you, even the evil ones?

Catch you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

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