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Chronicles of Knight's Night With A Vampire: The Naked Truth

Chronicles of Knight’s Night with a Vampire: The Naked Truth
By Nomar Knight

             Last night I grew restless.  I got tired of sitting in my office, waiting for Oscuro to complete his story.  The last few times I had summoned him, a quick feeling of disparity massaged my shoulders.  Considering that Oscuro is the angel of depression, I took it as a good sign, only the sensation quickly faded.  He left me again to deal with more suicides.  Since I’ve been pretty happy of late, the dark angel has managed to stay away from me.  So what does a writer do when his main character doesn’t cooperate?  I don’t know about other writers, but I went out for a couple of beers. 

            The weather was finicky.  There were moments when bouts of hard rain pounded the pavement, and other times when it drizzled with an occasional blast of thunder in the distance.  
            Out of habit, I went to Julio’s Bar.  It’s a cozy place at the beach.  The NBA Championship game was on and I watched along with a boisterous crowd. 
            Anyway, after downing three Coronas, nature called.  I made my way to the men’s room which would normally be well lit.  However, last night something must have happened to the lighting because it was just clear enough for me to go about my business.  I stood with my back to the door to wash my hands, when I heard something familiar.  The distinct sound of metal sliding and a bullet being chambered brought back some gruesome memories.
            A man spoke in Spanish, “Quiero tu dinero y caltera.” 
            I turned slowly to find a bronzed, slender man about my height, pointing a nine millimeter gun at me.  He ordered me to give up my money and wallet.  It’s amazing how the body perspires when under severe stress.  Needless to say, I thought my heart was going to explode through my chest. 
            “Please, don’t shoot me.”
            It took all the energy I could muster just to utter a coherent sentence. 
            The mugger raised his weapon at my head and for some reason I saw him move his finger.  The guy was in the middle of pulling the trigger.  Even though the action happened so fast, I thought I was stuck in a time warp.  One second he was pulling the trigger to end my life, the next second he vanished into thin air. 
            My brief moment in a frozen state as if I was a statue didn’t last long.  I heard the man scream from inside the stall.  The frantic sounds of duress were extremely brief.  Before confusion could grab a permanent hold on me, I saw a pair of feminine legs that seemed endless.  A woman who wore a black miniskirt and a low cut matching blouse came out of the stall, grinning and licking blood off her lips. 
            “Hello darling.  Perhaps you should stick to drinking coffee.”
            Her fluid movements were too fast for me to capture because one second she was closing the stall door and the next she was caressing my dimpled chin. 
            “I missed you darling.”
            I expected her fingers to be cold to the touch, but since she had just fed, they were surprisingly warm. 
            “What brings you to my neck of the woods?”
            “I came to tell you a story.  Has Oscuro visited you yet?”
            I grimaced.  She chuckled.  At least it didn’t sound as scary as when she laughed.  She guided her fingers through the back of my neck and up to my head. 
            “Nice haircut.” 
            “Um, Countess, I’m a New Yorker which means I like my space.”
            I tried to make it look as if she had made me feel uncomfortable.  Truth be told, I was a few seconds away from kissing her full lips.  I had heard from her twin sister that no one could resist Lorraina. 
            “Take me to your place, lover.”
            She walked with me to my car.  I was pleased that the patrons focused on the game. 
            “Has Marie come to visit you yet?”
            Lorraina regained my attention with talk about her sister. 
            “Oh no,” I waved my hands to demonstrate my seriousness, “look Countess, I appreciate what you did for me tonight, but I just moved to a new place and I don’t want to have to move again.  No offense, but death follows you everywhere.”
            She stretched in the seat next to me and laughed.  I blasted the radio’s volume to high, hoping my stomach would stop churning. 
            “Do you want to hear my story or not?”
            I squeezed the steering wheel, nodding, maintaining my eyes on the road.  “Um, why would your sister come visit me?”
            The radio shut off by itself.  How could I have forgotten about her telekinetic powers?
            “My sister works for a secret intelligence agency.  She got word the mugger would be in your neighborhood.  When she saw you went out of your safe routine, she called me to make sure nothing happens to you.”
            “Marie is a wonderful person, um, vampire.”
            “The poor girl is delusional.  She still wants to be human.  Why she embraces her desire to be weak is beyond my comprehension.  People are nothing more than playthings and nourishment.”
            Lorraina grabbed my right knee.  Considering she had the power to break it, I was relieved when she showed a capacity to be affectionate. 
            The night’s excitement began wearing me down.  After securing my vehicle, I ascended the stairs wishing the vampire would whisk me up to my apartment. 
            “My, oh my, you are lazy.”
            I forgot she was a powerful, ancient vampire and could usually read minds. 
            “Can you read all our minds?”
            “No, only those I taste.”
            She chuckled.  I let her inside, trying my best not to think of anything, but her statement lingered in the air like smoke from an exploded grenade. 
            “When did you taste me?”
            “Remember the night you first dreamed about us?”
            It was in a nightmare that I first had met the vampire twins. 
            She eased her frame on the sofa and gestured for me to join her. 
            “Do you really think you were asleep?”
            Normally her smile would entice me to jump all over her, but the shock hadn’t worn off.  I wanted to shake the information out of her.
            She sported a wider grin.  “Darling, how do you think Marie and I can keep tabs on you?”
            “Didn’t you say Marie works for a secret organization?”
            “You didn’t hear that from me, but she used technology to pinpoint the bad guy’s location.  We always know where you are, like you usually sense when we’re near.”
            “Sometimes I get a prickly feeling at the back of my neck.”
            “That would be an angel or a ghost, darling.  You’d feel us when your stomach gets tight.”
            I left her alone in the living room and retrieved a notebook and pen from my office.  When I returned, she had peeled off her skirt and blouse and stretched out on the sofa wearing only a black thong.
            I dropped my pen.
            “I think it’s best if you see all of me so you can describe me accurately.  Don’t you agree?”
            I hadn’t noticed my mouth was open until I uttered, “Huh?”
            Perky nipples provided a most enticing topping to supple breasts. 
            “Hello, Nomar?”  She waved at me.  “Earth to Nomar, come in for a landing.”
            “Ah yes, the book,” I sat on a love-seat, directly across from her, not recalling how I had gotten there.  “Tell me your story.”
            She pointed to the floor where my pen still rested.  I rose to retrieve it, unable to release my gaze from her amazing green eyes.  She flashed fangs and everything went black.

             © Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Presentation. 


  1. Ahh the countess is back.. I like it. Nice story.

    I tagged you on my blog - check it out.


  2. Thong removal would have been high on my list, but that's just me. The wonderful adage, "You can run but you can't hide," fits in so well here.

    Great story! Will have to read more about the twins.


  3. Nice story with the angels and vampires. You always weave an interesting tale, Nomar.