Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In Fate's Hands

In Fate's Hands

I dedicate this poem to my friend, Kerry Morgan, who's going through a turbulent time.  May she find the peace that will soothe her kind soul. And to anyone going through something similar, my prayers are with you as well. May God Bless You All! 

In Fate's Hands
By Nomar Knight

First it started with an invader
A lump not noticed before
Didn't want to be a crusader
But curiosity rose to the core

So after many weeks of debate
You gave in to that little voice
May as well seek your fate
After all it was the best choice

Got poked and prodded all around
Until it hurt and became numb
Inside hope began to drown
Making you wonder if you're dumb

The waiting was really bad
Your mind roamed with scenes of doom
Moped around quite sad
Didn't notice when flowers bloomed

Tried distracting yourself with hobbies
To make the time pass by fast
Dreamed of endless halls and lobbies
The smell of death your shadow casts

Don’t want to die you say
For many good years remain
Sunny skies may as well be gray
The waiting drives you insane

The more the dreaded day closed in
New symptoms began to rise
Made a pact you won't again sin
Hoping He'll ignore the lies

I can't die yet you see
There's so much I've yet to do
Longer life I beg of thee
Won't bite more than I can chew

The day has come and you can feel
News of your fate is written
Shaking hands rip the seal
Time to know if you are smitten

Regardless of what it says
Realization strikes your mind
To live out the rest of days
Giving love and being kind

For you see we all desire
To live forever in this place
And forever will transpire
When we join his loving Grace

Let's not forget to pray for Kerry and anyone else in the same situation. 

This poem is shared with One Stop Poetry 

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved. 
A Knight Chills poem.


  1. i pray that your friend gets good news...and either way that like you say she embraces life for all it is worth...

  2. I promise to embrace life. How could I not with such special people lending me prayers and time and inspiration right back. I can't express my gratefullnessproperly, words fall so short.
    Thank you from the center of my heart. Thank you Nomar and for you this talented man's readers for the prayers. I cherish them deeply.

  3. A beautiful tribute to Kerry. Incredibly thoughtful and excellent, Nomar

  4. Sheilagh Lee said:A beautiful poem of hope.God bless your friend Kerry and guide her through this to cure her illness.