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A Quiet Torment

A Quiet Torment

A Quiet Torment
By Nomar Knight

         As a parent, I expect for life to at least run like a rollercoaster all the while praying that it maintains the “natural order” of things.  I can take it when life throws its serene moments, tender times, trying emotions, conflicting battles, and mournful losses.  However, I hope life doesn’t twist tragedy around until I’m left wondering if I spent the last few years walking on my head.  I expect for the person born before me to leave us first, so it disturbs me when a parent loses a child.  I’m a father of two and losing one of my kids is my biggest fear.  I expect to go first since I was born first, but of course; life doesn’t work that way. 
     Unfortunately, death isn’t the only way to lose someone.  Imagine losing that which is most precious to you because evil rears its ugly head and like a thief someone abducts your child. 
     Abductions occur often.  In 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, 2,185 children were reported missing every day. About a third of the victims were abducted by family.  Significant small percentages were taken by non-family members.  Incredibly, out of close to 800,000 abducted children; only 115 were reported as a typical abduction, meaning the child was taken by either a stranger or an acquaintance for the purpose of ransom or with the intent to kill the child. 
 In my first eBook short story, Fountain of Death, Officer Victor Prospero lives the quiet torment of losing a daughter.  In Victor’s case, his teenage daughter was abducted on Valentine’s Day.  As is fairly typical, it was suggested to him that his daughter ran away from home, looking for a better life.    
Once his own kind turns their back on him, his daughter’s disappearance takes its toll on his marriage.  Imagine how many nights Victor spends wondering if he was a bad parent.  He knows his daughter, Hope, and is willing to bet his life that she wouldn’t run out on the family. 
I guess the silent killer in all this, from a morale standpoint, is the mystery of her whereabouts.  Not a moment passes when he begins to see her in every teenager with similar resemblance.  A quiet torment weighs heavily on our hero.  You feel sorry for him as his world slowly collapses into an abyss where evil thrives. 
Could Officer Victor Prospero’s daughter be the victim of abduction?  Did she run away with a man?  Considering how many kids her age are taken and forced into the sex trade, it stands to reason he may never know his daughter’s fate.  But then again, never isn’t a word I favor.
Find the answers in my first eBook short story, Fountain of Death, and prepare for a chilling ride.

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Special gratitude to Rebecca Treadway - cover art
Alex Morgan - editor

Catch you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

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  1. This is a must read for Blaze. Being a father of eight, I fear the same things. In real life, the things you write about do tear at relationships, everyone wondering about who to pin the blame on.

    Congratulations on getting this out.


  2. The book sounds very intriguing. Will have to obtain a copy for myself.


  3. Congrats, Nomar! Sounds like a wonderful story. Will go click and add you to my library.