Friday, June 10, 2011

Eternal Fires by Ranee Dillon

Eternal Fires

Eternal Fires 
by Ranee Dillon

           A firecracker snaps behind your ear, shattering the senses. As your brain begins to liquefy, a hand reaches out to catch the drips. Thoughts swim through the wreckage trying to grasp the reality you’ve yet to see. He’s there waiting, cup in hand, to capture everything you fought so hard to gather. If your eyes were to clear, you’d see the icy, lifeless gaze burning through the flesh. Grace saved you the terror of watching what waits, but you feel the steel brush against your arm.
            It twitches and jerks, too aware of the sharp edge. If only your feet could move through the shock cementing you to the ground. Perhaps, there might be hope. That light you see on the peripheral might offer some escape. You reach out for the sliver, to grab the light and escape, but it burns and scorches sending rancid whiffs of flesh through the room. It’s only when he begins to laugh that you understand that it isn’t hope you found. No, the light is the flame built over a lifetime.
            Soon your ears begin to clear. The screams surrounding, once hidden in haze, assault you in waves. The other souls begging for escape, so many others reaching for the same light, only to find the same flames. Realization has begun to set in with the next repulsive snicker from his lips. You’ll feel his scalding breath against your ear, hear him whisper the words that will turn your stomach, and all doubt will melt away with the flesh he’s started to peel.
            “We’ve been waiting for you.”

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