Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ghostly Visits

Ghostly Visits

Ghostly Visits
By Nomar Knight

Glaring eyes freeze my skin
Knowing I can never win
The past creeps and haunts
Her presence she does flaunt
Can't help but see her taunts

What happened to us
Feel as if smashed by a bus
Tell me where I went wrong
Do it in prose or with song
Pain inside has lasted so long

Cunning grin makes me weak
Peace of mind is what I seek
Tell me what I need to do
Start over somehow just us two
I thought our love was true

It'd be easier to die by a knife
Now I've been scarred for life
Forbidden love tastes so sweet
It's great when my heart skips a beat
Oh how I wish we could meet

I'd tell you through haunted eyes
Your ghostly visits make me die
But I guess it's better than losing you
Have to settle for an encounter or two
And though my heart is blue

Remember I still love you. 

©2011 Copyright.  Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem

A Forbidden Love topic. 


  1. Great poem, my friend.



  2. I am such a fan of yours- I absolutely love your poetry-

    I hope it gets a book of its' own ;)