Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our Deadly Connection by Nomar Knight

Our Deadly Connection
 By Nomar Knight

Pendulum of death swings near
Chorus of whimpers amplifies fear
My victims beg and plead
One quick slice and they start to bleed
Anticipation of doom feeds my need
Fully embrace our assassin's creed

Tell me you miss our seductive fights
The caresses and kisses on lonely nights
Together we make a lethal pair
Prolonged separation isn't fair
Rejoin me on our killing spree
Let burning love set you free

Obscurity doesn't suit you
It's my absence that makes you blue
I promise a memorable ride
Come on Candy no need to hide
Two souls in search of something more
You are the one I adore

Soon our paths will cross
Eliminate that sense of loss
Lucas can't give you what you need
For all his illusions of good deeds
Darkness is what you crave
Once again we'll be all the rave

Embrace who you are my darling dear
Our fiery passion will set you clear
You need me like I do you
One look in my eyes you'll know it's true
Quench your thirst for vengeance now
You'll be safe this I vow

In my arms is where you belong
With my resources you can't go wrong
Take back your gun and knife
Be my beloved killer wife
I'm still your number one fan
Your forever lover assassin Sam

©2014 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Poem.