Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It Waits by Nomar Knight

It Waits 
by Nomar Knight

     Something lurks in the shadows while you sleep. Sometimes you feel its presence but do your best to ignore it. Then there are times when despair gets the best of you as you lie in bed, paralyzed with fear. You can almost see its red eyes beaming through the darkness, waiting, breathing, salivating in anticipation when it reveals itself. Without realizing, you allow your imagination to run wild. A silhouette forms right before your wide eyes. A faint illumination glimmers off what can only be described as sharp talons. Reason tries to force its way back in by producing an obvious question. Where is the light coming from? Then as if in quick reply to your thoughts, a car outside continues its journey, casting away a brief flash, leaving you once again at the mercy of the shadow.
     You rest a full minute before another thought comes to mind, you must turn on the light. Somewhere in the darkest recesses of your soul lies the knowledge of the existence of evil in its purest form. Still unable to move, you whimper softly wondering not if, but when will the shadow attack.
     A thump rattles your insides as you pray for silence. The betrayal of your pounding heart masks otherworldly noises. If only you could move again. Another louder thump adds to the agony created by a merciless tormentor. You find yourself believing in God. Then, as if the message comes from an entity outside yourself, the word--demon-- pops into your mind. Suddenly, your eyes follow a scraping noise below for you realize there’s something under your bed.
     At last, your lips unseal and you scream; only nothing comes out. You wonder if this is what death is like. Just when you’ve lost all hope, you feel the blanket slipping off your legs. Your lips begin to form a smile, convinced you're moving again until you understand the blanket was pulled off you. Again you call to God, this time calling on his guardian angels for protection. All thoughts of time standing still increase your heartbeat until a coat of perspiration covers your body. A liquid runs out of your eyes into your ears. Tears? There’s no time for tears. Your vision clouds and your lips tremble as you feel something pressing down on the mattress next to you on the bed. You strain to listen to the beast breathing but instead, a rushing stream of internal blood wreaks havoc with your senses. A low murmur escapes your lips. “Stop.” Your fingers begin to spasm, making you wonder if the evil entity is losing its grip on you. Then when you recall having installed the lighting system to respond to voice commands, your confidence returns.

     But as you start forming the words needed to shine light on your predicament, you pause; a morbid realization reiterating the horror that waits. You inhale gobs of cold air in attempt to work up the courage to face the demon, when all of a sudden, a chilling breath strikes against the side of your face.
     “H, Help me!” Your words stutter against the frosty night, yet in spite of your pleas, an icy breeze brushes against your cheek as a white mist coils by your nose.
     “Lights on!” At last your command brings forth instant illumination. Your muscles loosen and you manage to sit up, afraid to look beside you.
     When you finally turn your eyes on the very spot where trepidation ruled, you sigh with relief, for your nemesis is no longer present.
     You start to rise, wondering what just happened. Was it a dream? Was it temporary paralysis? As you slide your cold feet into a pair of slippers, two grimy, green talons hook your ankles, pulling you under the bed. Your right cheekbone bounces off the hardwood floor. You scream as you realize your worst nightmare has come true. Your body shivers with your vain attempts at kicking evil in its face. Using your sheer will to survive, your eyes connect with the monster. Oh those dark crimson eyes. Your muffled cries fade as you become aware that your world is slowly merging with a darker, bloodier realm.

-701 words

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2015. All rights reserved.
Republished. A Knight Chills Flash Fiction Presentation.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Ain't a Love Poem by Nomar Knight

To all those lonely souls who had their hearts stepped on. This one's for you.

This Ain't a Love Poem
By Nomar Knight

This ain't a love poem
Because I'm filled with grief
Since that deadly thief
Took you away

This ain't a love poem
More like a gripe or rant
Because I just can't
Make it another day

This ain't a love poem
No flowers or candy
Things ain't dandy
Don't care what they say

This ain't a love poem
No candlelight meal
The pain's too real
There must be a way

This ain't a love poem
Love letters torn
Just hate reborn
It's not okay

This ain't a love poem
It's a final good-bye
Though I don't know why
You broke my heart today

©2015 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills poetic presentation.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whispering Secret by Nomar Knight

Whispering Secret
By Nomar Knight

I have a secret you know
Can't let anyone in though
It's not about monsters or violent fools
Nor floating ghosts over pools

To unlock my secrets you must be
Willing to give your all to me
Not like what a demon wants
Or the devil and his taunts

It's not a question of sex
Or falling under a hex
I'm as gentle as can be
With trusting eyes for all to see

Debonair is my name
Every girl's loving flame
Unlike those clueless boys
You loved to treat like toys

I am very sincere
In fact quite austere
No fancy digs to impress
Free of materials and stress

Only one thing I require
That it'd be me you admire
Scratch those guys off your list
Cause they no longer exist

You haven't seen them around
I know they're buried underground
Making your Eden well
Yes I'm the gardener from hell

©2015 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Poem.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Death's Trance by Nomar Knight

Death's Trance    
 By Nomar Knight 


Moan for me my sweet 
Feel how the rope is tight 
Bound around hands and feet 
No good to squirm or fight 

You're all mine now 
Hidden in my playroom 
Whimper softly or scream loud 
Continue your macabre tune 

Soundproof walls hide solemn cries 
Masking my grunts of pleasure 
I'm not like those other guys 
Seeking fame and treasure 

Your screams are all I need 
Satisfying my every whim 
I love making you bleed 
Eradicating lust and sin 

Enjoy this cleansing dance 
Until your face turns blue 
Captured by death's trance 
In darkness just us two 

©2015 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Republished Poem.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Puerto Rico's Dysfunctional Department of Education

Puerto Rico's Dysfunctional Department of Education

     I don't normally like complaining about work on Knight Chills, but since I do like writing about real life horror, I decided this rant is somewhat appropriate. 
     While I admire my peers working in the states and abroad for being able to do wonders with their students, I must admit, I'm miffed at our Department of Education here in Puerto Rico. For starters, they don't allocate enough money in the budget for classroom resources. Instead, the powers that be have been giving expensive contracts to their political buddies. The fact that those contracts tendered this year have proven a waste of time and money, yet it hasn't stopped them from continuing this unsavory practice, proves that the DE, like the rest of the government run organizations is completely dysfunctional. 
     Another thing that irks me is the fact that teacher pensions are unstable. There may not be a pension by the time I retire. Also, our DE wants us to use differentiated strategies, which are much needed everywhere, except, I and many of my colleagues don't have the resources, not to mention we are at least twenty to thirty thousand dollars a year underpaid. 
      Of course, I understand that some of you are probably wondering why I don't pack it up and leave this island. Well, my family is here. Plus, I'd like to be part of the education revolution that must occur if Puerto Rico is going to compete worldwide. For that to happen, teachers like me should have the basics, like internet in the classroom, computers or laptops that work all year round, and a diverse amount of resources so that our students can finally enter into the world the U.S. students have known for the last twenty-five years. Yes, many of our schools lack the proper foundation for success and for what I have seen, politicians are throwing all the burden on us teachers. Surely it takes a community to educate our children, so why should things be so dysfunctional in Puerto Rico? 
     As proof of a dysfunctional society, I only have to direct you to the news sources. Gun violence brought on by drug turf wars are far too common in this island. Poverty is rampant. Unemployment hit new highs, and government corruption is stuck in a never-ending loop with no end in sight. 
     President Obama, I implore that you send an independent investigator to the Puerto Rico's Department of Education. You promised a change we could count on, yet the changes I have seen on this island, regarding education, have us headed back to cave man days. It's time to get your hands dirty, Mr. President, and stop ignoring us second-class citizens. That's right, upon moving to Puerto Rico, I lost the right to vote for President. Clearly, the political system here and in the U.S. has severe cracks that must be patched up before more people migrate to other countries. 
     Perhaps, migration has been the plan all along. God knows many of our citizens have abandoned this sinking ship. How long before Americans decide enough is enough? How long before the people of Puerto Rico decide that a violent coup is needed here? Help us, Mr. President, before it's too late.

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2015. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Presentation.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thief of Shadows by Nomar Knight

Thief of Shadows 
By Nomar Knight

It came with blinding face and eyes of fire
Scolding breath over dead of night
Intense heat seared demon's choir
Evaporating songs of terrible plight

Talons of flames whipped across shades
Stealing dreams of purest pleasure
Tis it the messenger of Hades?
Devouring ill gotten treasure

Its mighty muscles it did flex
Scattering worries cross barren minds
With morning's dew it spread a hex
 Leaving turmoil of all kinds

Illumination stabbed morbid visions
Hidden in a vortex of confusion
In lion's gape flashed life's decisions
Dark shadows, slipped illusion

Like a silent thief it crept
Stirring waves of shame and blame
For the sinners Heaven wept
Screaming sorrows liquid flame

With every droplet of tears,
Weighed surrealistic expectations
Its cleansing rays cleared the fears,
Giving hope to all the nations

The sun sprayed soothing light
Caressing purple hues of sky
It cut sins through blackened night
Lifting souls who could not fly

So say fair well to the thief
Of shadows and inhibitions
Kneeling fast to the Chief
With the dawn, came new ambitions

©2015 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Republished Poem.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lurking in Shadows by Nomar Knight

Lurking in Shadows   

By Nomar Knight 

My vision shifts to the darkness 
Wondering if it happened 
Did I see movement 
A lump forms in my throat 

I coax my frozen legs 
Toward uncertainty 
Imagining the monster 
Hiding in the shade 

Silence breaks 
For deep breaths pant 
Corroded lungs chime 
A menacing chant 

Pushed by fear 
I reach into the night 
Praying emptiness roams 
But something pulls me 

Embraced by evil 
Hateful eyes stare back 
Death stands near 
Lurking in shadows 

Recognition screams 
I know you 
Ebony pools reflect 
The shadow is me 

©2015 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Republished Poem.