Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thief of Shadows by Nomar Knight

Thief of Shadows 
By Nomar Knight

It came with blinding face and eyes of fire
Scolding breath over dead of night
Intense heat seared demon's choir
Evaporating songs of terrible plight

Talons of flames whipped across shades
Stealing dreams of purest pleasure
Tis it the messenger of Hades?
Devouring ill gotten treasure

Its mighty muscles it did flex
Scattering worries cross barren minds
With morning's dew it spread a hex
 Leaving turmoil of all kinds

Illumination stabbed morbid visions
Hidden in a vortex of confusion
In lion's gape flashed life's decisions
Dark shadows, slipped illusion

Like a silent thief it crept
Stirring waves of shame and blame
For the sinners Heaven wept
Screaming sorrows liquid flame

With every droplet of tears,
Weighed surrealistic expectations
Its cleansing rays cleared the fears,
Giving hope to all the nations

The sun sprayed soothing light
Caressing purple hues of sky
It cut sins through blackened night
Lifting souls who could not fly

So say fair well to the thief
Of shadows and inhibitions
Kneeling fast to the Chief
With the dawn, came new ambitions

©2015 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Republished Poem.

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