Friday, July 8, 2011

Chronicles of a Vampire: A Dreamy Existence

Chronicles of a Vampire: A Dreamy Existence
By Nomar Knight

            I woke, naked and hot.  Sunlight splashed on my face.  For some reason the room spun.  A stinging sensation drew my attention to my neck so I passed a finger along side of it and felt two giant sized mosquito bites.  At first, when I tried to get up from bed my stomach churned, but the sensation soon faded.  I managed to get to the bathroom mirror and mewled, appalled at the size of the bites. 
            “Damn, Lorraina!”   
            I drank a cup of water and put on a t-shirt and shorts.  Images flashed in my mind.  It was as if parts of different movie scenes vied for air-time.  I opened the door to the terrace wondering if the sun would send me to an early grave.  Surely, getting bitten by a vampire didn’t yield positive results.  I dragged myself to the edge, leaning my head over, expecting to puke.  The dizziness I felt picked up in intensity.  Sunlight did not do my body good, yet I stayed and sat in a lounge chair, trying to get a grip on my sanity. 
            “What did you do to me, Lorraina?”
             A clear image of the vampire riding me in bed entered my thoughts.  The sudden realization that I was sore got my attention, but as I glanced downward, my temples vibrated from sharp pains.  A burst of memory blinded me as I recalled asking her with my mind.  Why are you doing this? 
Without moving her lips she said, “It’s the most effective way for you to see some of the things I’ve gone through.  You get a firsthand look into my life.  This experience will bond us so that you can better describe my story.”
As I regained my bearings in the balcony and tried to retrain my body to absorb the sunlight, I wondered if she hid a sinister agenda. 
The day was filled with an insatiable appetite to write down the images which seemed to form like a waking dream.  Though the sun maintained a stubborn refusal to depart, the scenes which flashed in my mind’s eye were all of darkness.  Apprehension and something else tainted the night air. 
I had typed sixteen pages of seemingly random acts of violence.  On a few occasions, she showed me how she felt about her twin sister, Marie Sandoval.  Though they argued, mostly over Lorraina’s choice of dinner, (victims) there was a genuine love among the sisters.  There was also a mystical connection between the two.  If Marie loved, Lorraina felt it.  If Lorraina exploded with anger, Marie would feel her pain and quickly tried to defuse the situation. 
  I recalled stepping away from my computer and lying down, unable or unwilling to eat.  My lips remained dry and no matter how much water I drank, the thirst wouldn’t quench.  Did I crave blood? The only way to test if she had come closer to turning me into a vampire would be to make contact with either an animal or a human.  I heard strange noises.  My vision blurred until I took off my glasses.  My senses had sharpened.  Then I saw the walls of my apartment collapse.  Thunder shot through darkening skies for darkness charged like a bull heading full steam at a matador. 
Voices.  I heard a man’s raspy voice. 
“Don’t make a sound and don’t move, little girl.  If your parents hear you, I’ll gut you with this knife.  Do you understand?”
Lorraina stood in the shadows with Marie.  Since they had the advantage of communicating with their thoughts, they carried a conversation without worrying about being discovered. 
            “We take him alive,” said Marie.
            “The court system sucks in this country.”   Lorraina licked her lips.  “Let’s eat him.”
            “No,” Marie shook her head, “besides, you just fed.”
            “I’ve got room for one more, especially that despicable bastard!”
            They heard a ripping sound as the man placed the knife on the pillow and tore the little girl’s panties. 
            Marie growled, “She can’t be more than eight.”
            “Let’s provide our own brand of justice.”
            “We can’t.  We have our orders.”
            The rapist whispered, “Shush, stop whimpering.”
            Lorraina giggled.
            “What’s so funny?”  Marie eyed her with suspicion.
            “He left the knife on the pillow.  We can make it look like the girl defended herself.”
            Marie grinned.  “You make the kill, but make sure the girl remains unharmed.”
            Lorraina flashed her fangs and using telekinetic powers, raised the knife high off the pillow.  As the man was all set to enter the girl, the knife plunged with amazing force in his back.  The rapist spit blood on the girl’s face, prompting her to scream. 
            Marie used her powers to make sure the girl could grip the knife’s handle.  She maneuvered the child’s hands in the right place.  The rapist remained motionless on top of the child.  Her parents burst through the door, providing them with their cue to exit.  They left without being spotted for the child’s parents would think they were shadows. 
             I don’t know how, but I was at the computer typing everything that happened in that dream.  To me it felt like a dream, but I realized it was a memory.  I recalled the odor I had smelled as if I was in the room with them.  It’s what lingered in the air earlier.  The scent of fear intoxicated me as my fingers danced on the keyboards.  I craved excitement.  I had to find a way to complete the scene and go where danger lurked.  When I was done, I spotted a toad outside my window by the stairs.  I eased my way around the apartment, towards the creature.  I lunged at my prey with a lust for hunger.  I had expected it to escape easily, but my reflexes were quicker.  As I cupped the slimy critter in my hands, excitement morphed to euphoria.  I opened my mouth, expecting fangs to flash, but nothing happened.  As I pushed the toad closer to my teeth, its odor caused me to gag, prompting me to drop the animal. 
            “What am I doing?”
            I attempted to shake off any remnants of the vampire Lorraina.  Following my hunger into the kitchen, I grilled a juicy piece of steak, grateful that I was still human. 
             Shivers lifted the hairs on the back of my neck when I heard her voice behind me.
            “Hello, darling!”

 © Copyright Nomar Knight 2011. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Presentation.


  1. Don't eat toads! You'll get warts on your esophagus.

    I love this story, particularly the rapist being killed. Call me bizarre if you must, but some people deserve to be tortured in life before their time in this world is over.

    Cool that you wrote this right after that sweet poem. You are a talented man, my friend.


  2. Thanks Blaze. I'm behind on reading your blog. I should be catching you tomorrow.

  3. No problem, Nomar. It's Blazing away, but the words will stay there in cyberspace for eternity!