Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hold Fast to Dreams

Hold Fast to Dreams 
By Nomar Knight

Hold on to your dreams
If it's the last thing you do
For as the enemy schemes
Envious eyes follow you

Don't lose sight of  goals
Even if you let them rest
Because one never knows
If you can pass the test

Time slips us by
Toiling poisonous blunder
Squeezing life till you're dry
Launching lightning and thunder

From failures you'll learn
About life's imperfections
Success must be earned
There are no directions

Fear not what you see
Lunge forward with force
Don't be tempted to flee
 Maintain a steady course

Hold fast to your dreams
The power's within you
Life is what it seems
Wishes do come true

©2011 Copyright.  Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem

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  1. Very inspiring and lovely share ~


  2. If we don't keep our dreams in a safe, believable state, then who will?

    wise words here..
    great One-Stop!!

  3. The moment was let our dreams slip away, is the moment we let ourselves slip away. A bit of our hearts and our minds are in every one...learn from life's failures, don't give up, just keep pushing forward...I agree with Lynne in saying wise words, wise words indeed. Would that more took them to heart!

  4. yes they do...inspirational and empowering...very nice...

  5. 'there are no directions' ...wise words Sir Knight!

  6. We make our own wishes come true, very inspiring write, words to live by.

  7. Very inspirational piece, I like that you speak more of just dreaming but the effort we must put toward the end. Just perfect in expression ~ Rose

  8. I am a man of many dreams. No matter the life experience, we harbor them and search for fulfillment.


  9. Thank you all. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.