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Unveiling Secrets: An analysis of Forbidden Love

Unveiling Secrets: An analysis of Forbidden Love

By Nomar Knight

Forbidden emotions are hard to bury, but unspoken emotions are torture.
You may not know how it happens, but it’s possible you get into a situation where a powerful attraction towards someone who on one standard or other is considered forbidden.  The most popular of scenarios isn’t falling in love with kin, but the wanting of a married person.  So for the purpose of this post, we’ll look into the eyes of someone caught in a web of false hope.  We’ll delve into the world of forbidden love.
Emotions are the waves that carry lovers to crash against each other.  Whether the passion is realized physically or mentally, once two souls establish a powerful connection, it is impossible to reign in their feelings.  When one hurts, the other hurts, only the realization that one can’t do anything physically to help the other is a torture that can drive one mad.  As a result, one must learn to live by hiding their emotions.  If you know where to look, you may find hints of that unspoken emotion seeping out of their haunted eyes.

 Love forbids you not to love.
Love, though it feels as if sent down from heaven with wings of freedom, actually comes with a set of unwritten rules which we must stumble upon through time.  Perhaps the most powerful rule is that once in love, it becomes impossible not to love.  And with that love come telltale signs in the form of subtle changes in behavior, an increase in wallowing inside a distracted reverie, the abandonment of old habits or philosophies, and the reality that fantasy is the preferred sentiment of choice.

Never just the echo of forever, 
Lonesome as a love that might have been.
Let me go on loving
And believing until it's over. 
Please don't tell me how the story ends.
            Denial of reality, especially when obvious obstacles you are so willing to blindly ignore, become the enemy of compassion.  We all want a fairytale ending where the couple lives happily ever after, but too often life is riddled with unspoken truths.  Like it or not, our lives affect others, and if there are innocents involved, to force your forbidden love to have a happy ending is to destroy another’s soul.  Nevertheless, you want to live for the moment because the end of the story is too depressing to face.

Unhappiness within our own life will lead us to find happiness in forbidden places.
            How many commit to a person without the full understanding that they made choices they were not prepared to live with?  It’s like a time bomb ticking away, and a chisel chipping away at our conscience until what’s left is the core self.  Once you’re able to identify what’s been missing in your life then you’ll yearn for something better.  The amazing thing is that no one has to know about your secret—forbidden desire.  However, fate knows and it will hand you what you seek when you least expect it, from the least likely of sources.   

We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us.
            The basis for original sin lies in the choices made before our birth.  It is a way of explaining that to yearn for the forbidden is as natural to us as any biological function.  We think the world cruel when our forbidden desires are denied us by a society boasting of their righteous ways.  Infidelity has been long thought of the mark of the beast which inflicts the weakest of men for the flesh was built for the appeasing of carnal desires.  To strive to rise above our natural inclination is a torture most are unwilling or unable to endure.

While the forbidden fruit is said to taste sweeter, it usually spoils faster.
            Ah, to quench a carnal thirst, even if it’s only with the mind and heart, is indeed sweet, but as the restraints of reality get tighter, sooner or later; forbidden love loses its luster and may leave a bitter taste.  Perhaps, some things are better left to fantasy.

Loving you is like trying to touch a star,
I know I can never reach you, 
But I can't help but try.

            Though our current existence may be riddled with heavy burdens, and our choices may not be the best for who we are now, there was a time when contentment lived inside us.  Yet, one can’t help but wonder if we could change our stars will happiness at long last find us.  The end brings us back to the beginning.  We must make the right choices and hopefully next time; learn to live with the consequences.

Catch you on the dark side of love.

Nomar Knight  

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  1. Very poetic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Nomar.

  2. Hah. The dark side of love... is there a light side? Dunno, this post is very good, I love the quotes and how you developed the points. It's just that this whole thing makes me sad because I've barely had any positive experiences with love, yet I've gone through all the bad ones. Is it karma? Is it psychological? Whatever it is, reading about love makes me sad. Writing about it is hell. Sorry, I had to vent. Thanks for this beautiful post, Nomar. Isn't it funny though how some people might look at it and smile and others may as well burst in tears? Love is probably the only thing that goes to both extremes and doesn't apologize for it, ever. :D

  3. Powerful writing. Enjoyed the read.

  4. A really good look at the way love affects us. Who hasn't suffered from a forbidden or unrequited love?


  5. Written beautifully and so truthful. love it