Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take Me

Take Me
By Nomar Knight

Take me on a ride
To sweet candy land
A place where you and I
Can walk hand in hand

Take me on a ride
Away from sinking ships
Hug me hold me tight
Let me kiss your lips

Take me on a ride
Far from prying eyes
Where we can't slip and slide
And listen to more lies

Take me on a ride
To where you want to be
Just search deep inside
Come on now take me

Take me on a ride
Like no one else can
We won't have to hide
In our loving wonderland

Take me on a ride
Before we lose it all
Let out what's inside
So our love won't fall

Take me baby

 ©2012 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Deception and the Fallen by Oscuro, Suicide King

Deception and the Fallen by Oscuro, Suicide King

“Man’s mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth.” ~Erasmus, Desiderius.

Throughout the beginning of the formation of man, humans were like sponges that easily soaked in concepts that involved manual imitation.  However, certain cognitive concepts took time to sink in and yet there are certain truths which have been distorted throughout time.  One such concept that has been confused by man has to do with defining what is a FALLEN. 

To understand what is a fallen, you must first eliminate the falsehood that fallen angels are demons.  Demons were a subspecies created by the grandest of fallen angels in his bid to build a powerful army to defeat the creator.  History is accurate with the claim that there was some dissention among angels.  The one I call the prince, has been blessed with a superior intelligence, incredible oratory skill, and over time, has become quite adept at finding loopholes in the creator’s rigid structure.  Some angels made a choice that I had thought was impossible.  Some angels chose to sever ties with the creator.  Those angels had no idea that upon separating from the creator of light, their wings would become as dark as night.
I too am a fallen, but not by choice.  My brother, known to all as the angel of death, and known to a precious few as Draven, convinced the creator that since I had failed to make a choice, then by omission, I had chosen the side of darkness.  Not one hundred percent convinced, Father decided to banish me to a part of hell called Oblivion so that I could serve an exhausting, yet necessary function.  I am the dark angel of suicide, forever destined to punish those humans who willfully sever their ties to the creator. 

Now, I hope I made the distinction between demon and fallen angel clearer, but I’m compelled to address the confusion directly.  All angels have a choice to fall, meaning they may freely decide to fall from the heights of heaven and land on the material world, relinquishing their angelic identity.  A free-fall from a grand species to another requires great sacrifice or stupidity, depending on the angel’s point of view.  Since angels are from another dimension, we are not always privy to human sensations while we’re in their domain.  However, when we roam in the third dimension, we are not governed by the laws of physics, and in essence, are immortal.  So when one of us decides to fall from heaven, we decide to become completely human for the duration of our stay on Earth.  Note, that our time as humans is finite meaning that we become mortal, and in most cases, rather ordinary. 

As I alluded earlier, demons are a direct result of all that is wrong with humans.  Both demons and angels are capable of possession.  Difference being, angels possess for the creator’s purpose and only for a brief moment.  An extended possession would require the use of a human surrogate who must grant permission.  Demons possess confused, weak souls for purely selfish reasons.  Demons do not ask for permission since they enjoy inflicting pain, and displaying power over others.  They’re thieves who attempt to wreak havoc on the human population.  Demons are no match for the strongest of angels, the archangels. 

“From all my time observing humans, I noticed how they enjoyed bending the truth more so than spinning lies. Deceit is in their nature since they spend most of their waking hours convincing themselves of falsehoods.” ~ Oscuro, Darkness Roams.

You will find the above quote in Nomar Knight’s account of my story, Darkness Roams.  Darkness is what my name means.  Anyway, I have observed humans since their creation.  Over time, I noticed how fear played a vital role.  Those fragile creatures have managed to construct defensive mechanisms when coping with fear and have thus become experts at self deception.  The added element of deception has made human society more entertaining than any of us could have ever imagined. 

As a result, the prince thoroughly enjoys observing mankind.  He boasts that he is a fan of man.  Of course he is, since he believes their souls possess the key to defeating the creator.  Thus, the battle between light versus dark has lasted far too long.  Countless casualties on all sides, light, dark, human, and angelic have reached atrocious numbers.  The time of reckoning will soon be upon us.  But before it changes everything, read my account of what happens to souls who shun the light.  Read Darkness Roams this summer.  Discover how this dark angel must live with darkness, yet be used by the righteous.  In essence, I am a punisher of evil, an enforcer of truth. 

Until next time, I am Oscuro, Suicide King, and ruler of Oblivion.  If you see me roaming in your area, hope that I’m not there for you.