Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Dark Road by J. M. Almodovar

Meet J. M. Amodovar, she's a special teen with lots of talent. She is a kind soul and an outstanding student with a heavenly voice. This young lady will go far and I'm grateful for having met her. Please enjoy her poetry.

The Dark Road
by J. M. Almodovar

Light enters my window
I drown in its sunlight again
My heart aches from all the pain
Why can't we all be the same?

The dark road to oblivion is just a step away
I can jump that cliff
Lose myself again
Give everything away

I've seen it all before
The way I waste my life
I dive into obscurity
Waiting to crash and burn
Someone save my life!

Scorch my ashes
Set me free...

In the darkness of the tunnel
I can see a light
Once again, I ignore the warning in my heart
It's screaming,
"Let me fly!"

The world is a sick place
It seems the only one who notices is me
My heart bleeds again
Drowning in the emptiness of each rotten soul

Why must we be so evil?
Why must we be so cruel?
I can't help but to feel hollow,
Crushed to my very soul

The world drowns
Everyone's seen the empty shell I've become inside
They are all laughing at me
Looking at the skeleton I've turned out to be

Without thinking
I sprint towards the light
I have to keep running
Dark to light

God is around the corner
If I could just reach him,
He'd be my peace

I can't help the world
So, I'll help myself...

Even with darkness creeping behind me
I'll try not to let it destroy me
But to bring out the beauty in me
Flowering into what I was meant to be
© Copyright J. M. Almodovar 2014. All rights reserved.
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© Copyright Nomar Knight 2014. All rights reserved.
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Push My Play Button by Nomar Knight

Push My Play Button
By Nomar Knight

Before you came along

Words didn't turn into song

In a crowd yet alone

Got used to being on my own

Like the radio was stuck

A sad dude without luck

Then one day I found you

Didn't know what to do

Words began to rhyme

Kept losing track of time

If you push play

What would they say

You came to say hi

Lovely lips so shy

The hug pushed play

Loneliness went away

In a crowd yet only saw you

I hadn't had a clue

Push my play button baby

Forgot about maybe

Just you and I together

Dancing sweetness forever

Never want it to end

Then you left again

Torture this mystical cause

Like my life was stuck in pause

Your voice lingered in dreams

Almost fell apart at the seams

But fate has its own mind

It's love together we find

Push my play button please

Put my mind at ease

Let's sing our songs together

Don't matter the weather

Through the cold or heat

Let's sway to passion's beat

Yes baby push my play button

©2014 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Poem.