Friday, June 3, 2011

Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil
By Nomar Knight

There’s an innate evil inside me and something has threatened to finally unleash it to the outside world we call reality.  A deep hatred pounds against the walls of my heart.  Sweat drips all over my body, but when I glance at my skin I see the sanguine blood spilt in a time humanity longed to forget.  I take deep breaths in an attempt to remind me that I should know better.  I vowed not to make the same mistakes so vulgarly displayed throughout history.  Yet, after watching the news, something completely despicable has awakened a fire inside me that makes me wonder if insanity has finally clasped my heart. 
            The night delivered restless spirits to my bedside, awakening me at 4 am.  Perhaps somewhere inside my soul, a part of me sensed this day would bring about a disturbing occurrence.  Today, I learned that someone who passes himself off as human; sexually violated a ONE-year-old baby girl.  The baby was brought to the hospital and was given an examination that should have made her scream.  But no, thanks to the excrement with a body, the child had no reaction.  And as if that wasn’t enough, the little baby, who forever has lost her innocence, had contracted herpes.  But that’s not all! There’s evidence the baby was used as a human ashtray as well. 
            At first, tears clouded my eyes as I thought of my own granddaughter.  However, the potential for waterworks quickly died when a primal desire oozed out of my pores.  Some of you may be asking, where was the mother in all of this?  Well, she’s 19 years old.  The little girl is her third child and she has another on the way.  As I understand it, each child was fathered by different men. 
            Perhaps you may also wonder where the hell her parents are.  As of this writing, the media has asked, but no one has come forward with details.  These people have taken the meaning of dysfunctional family to a catastrophic level. 
            As expected, people are calling for justice.  Some members of the media commented that capital punishment should be part of the Puerto Rican society.  It currently isn’t.  However, I believe in this instance, the death penalty would relieve the vile thing that committed the atrocities against this baby and I know this to be counterproductive.  
              I, Nomar Knight, formally endorse TORTURE to be used in special circumstances.     
            A psychiatric evaluation for the devil’s spawn is a waste of money and time.  Sheltering the molester of all molesters in a penal institution is also a major waste of resources.  Killing him would be counterproductive because he’ll be touted as a hero in hell.  No, this thing trying to pass himself off as a man doesn’t belong in jail or any modern institution.  No, he belongs in a good old fashion dungeon. 
            As a horror writer, I have many ways of torturing my characters, but when I think how I want my fictional world to cross over into this one for the sole purpose of teaching a valuable lesson to the meatcicle who raped the baby, well; now I’m afraid of what I’d be capable of doing if I was his tormentor. 
            I apologize to my wonderful readers for bringing you this terrible news, but I was compelled to share it on the hope that this type of conduct will never be repeated, and under no circumstances should it be tolerated.  I ask you all, am I wrong for wanting this man to spill blood?  Am I wrong for wanting to tie him in a dungeon and place pictures of the baby all over the walls so he’d be forced to see her face and her damaged body when I shove a hot, steel poker up his rectum?  Am I wrong for wanting to peel his skin and force him to eat it?  Am I wrong for making him undergo incredible cruelty, only to have him nursed back to a state of health where he could endure more torture?
            Every day I try to deal with a world that has all but lost its sanity.   I’m forced to recognize a part of me that I wish could only come out through fiction for my kind of horror should never be unleashed on humanity.  Yet, sadly enough; my horror is born from the madness I see in real life and sooner or later, my heart of darkness explodes on the page. 
            In retrospect, I expected this entry to calm me somewhat so by the end I could retract some of my strong statements, but I guess it’s too soon for that.  My mind, body and soul will not accept any legal recourse our society has at this time.  I can’t believe this, but perhaps we should bring back the aspect of torture from our Middle Ages and embrace our capacity for evil as long as it is used in the name of justice.
            In the end, the monster who raped the child doesn’t matter to me.  In the end, I can only pray that the baby can somehow live a happy life far away from her parents and that this never, ever, happen to any child, regardless of age or gender, again.
            In the meantime, I’ll cloak myself in darkness and fight to stave off the evil festering inside me.  For now, I’ll release it the way I always have, through fiction.  As for my real life activity, I’ll spend it with loved ones, protecting them from monsters that even Hollywood fails to capture accurately. 

See you on the dark side, but always take the time to hug the ones you love and pray that the highest power really does deliver us from evil.  

Nomar Knight


  1. Nomar, this is a bold and brave statement! On behalf of all child-abuse victims and survivors, I thank you for helping to bring such atrocities to light. That baby has no voice to speak out, like so many of the victims whatever their ages. Those who can, and those who care, must do it for them in hopes of educating as well as stopping these crimes against the young and vulnerable. Innocence lost is a tragedy, and the scars of child abuse never completely heal. Protecting your loved ones is another courageous act. You don't have to apologize for doing the right thing.

  2. You are not wrong. I would kill anyone that did such a thing to my children and not even have a moments hesitation. But they would die slowly and painfully.

  3. Sometimes this is why I don't watch local news coverage or read the newspaper, my friend. Sometimes the things that are contained there are too painful to see...just like this story that you shared.


  4. I agree with death being too easy and sheltering him in prison a huge mistake. We are all for reinstating torture at my house. My son says we should bring back the ampitheatres and lions. Works for me.

    Hope you can get this out of your head. Sometimes all we can do is protect our little corner of the world.


  5. Thank you Lori and Jezri. I'm with you James. I don't think I'll watch the news again for some time. Spot, thanks. I'm trying, but it isn't easy.