Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alone I Weep

Alone I Weep
By Nomar Knight

Alone I weep for what we were
Can't believe how time blurred
Still feel your caress
Surely knew I was blessed
Our love was real
My heart you did steal

Alone I weep under stars
Eating candy bars
Recalling your tender kiss
Picturing our nights of bliss
Hearing moans fade in the dark
No way our love was a lark

Alone I weep for lost love
Praying to heaven above
That you'll find your way back
Without you I lack
Completeness and joy
So don't be coy

Alone I weep for another chance
Wish I could keep you in a trance
To hold you so tight
Mustn't give up our fight
You know we're meant to be
I love you endlessly

Alone I weep for all to see
How could you do this to me
Abandon courage and reason
Committed the ultimate treason
My soul didn't come cheap
And so alone I must weep

 ©2011 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem.


  1. Weeping alone is the best therapy for the heart, may one forget? Surely not... but we always weep alone best

  2. Ah, my one of my favorite poets has left me a comment. Thanks for commenting sweet Dulce. :-)

  3. Very sad poem - filled with emotion. I love reading your poetry...


  4. This is sad, but also reflective I think.

    Blaze likes!

  5. Thank you Tania and Blaze. Appreciate you stopping by.

  6. Your poems are always so beautiful and heartbreaking.