Saturday, July 2, 2011

Foolish Schemes

Tonight ends my week of reflecting on Forbidden Love. I leave you with a cold message.  Keep in mind that not all relationships end like this.  Nevertheless, if you find yourself in this situation, I hope you do get to find happiness and if there's collateral damage, that's it's minimal and you can live with yourself. 

 Foolish Schemes
By Nomar Knight

Tell me why we can't be together
Show me why we're in the land of nether
Doesn't matter how I feel
Though I know our love is real
I'm shut out from your days
And it's not a phase
Cut down from your nights
Relinquished all my rights

Don't ask me to feel things
I know what pain brings
When are you going to show
If your love for me grows
You know this loneliness inside
I'm supposed to take in stride
But it kills my heart to see
How you're never with me

Forbidden love is foolish I know
Just want my feelings to flow
Yet every time I think it'll shine
Something happens to show you're not mine
Don't you see you're missing in my heart
Can't stand how he's keeping us apart
Why can't I be there where you are
Only you can erase these scars

Tell me why there's something missing
In my mind we're always kissing
But when I open my eyes I see
Our love is not meant to be
For your choice dug the hole
Though my soul you stole
Nothing else can reverse
This Godforsaken curse

I'm a fool we know it's true
I'll never get over you

©2011 Copyright.  Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
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  1. Sad poem. Some loves are not meant to be and others most certainly are. They must be.


  2. Always appreciate your comments, my friend.