Friday, July 1, 2011

No One Belongs

No One Belongs

Here's a poem inspired by one of my all-time favorite songs performed by the Bee Gees, Someone Belonging to Someone.    I like the song because I can be in a large crowd and still feel alone.  After reading this, have a listen. 

No One Belongs
By Nomar Knight

I sit on the porch
The falling rain plays a lullaby of pain
Watching how pairs hug close
Umbrellas can’t hide their love
A cool breeze sprays a mist on my face
I’m grateful for no one can tell
I cry tears of loneliness

Darkness slowly comes
Laughing couples provide the sting
There’s someone belonging to someone
So what happens to me
Imprisoned in an unforgiving world
Misunderstood by all
I wonder who’s loving you

What is my life without you
Will I be in a lost love’s arms
When you belong to someone else
And I have no one
Belonging to me
Forced to believe in miracles
And the rain keeps falling

©2011 Copyright.  Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem

A Forbidden Love topic. 


  1. Mr. Nomar Knight You could not have said it better ... you are absolutely right