Saturday, February 7, 2015

Puerto Rico's Dysfunctional Department of Education

Puerto Rico's Dysfunctional Department of Education

     I don't normally like complaining about work on Knight Chills, but since I do like writing about real life horror, I decided this rant is somewhat appropriate. 
     While I admire my peers working in the states and abroad for being able to do wonders with their students, I must admit, I'm miffed at our Department of Education here in Puerto Rico. For starters, they don't allocate enough money in the budget for classroom resources. Instead, the powers that be have been giving expensive contracts to their political buddies. The fact that those contracts tendered this year have proven a waste of time and money, yet it hasn't stopped them from continuing this unsavory practice, proves that the DE, like the rest of the government run organizations is completely dysfunctional. 
     Another thing that irks me is the fact that teacher pensions are unstable. There may not be a pension by the time I retire. Also, our DE wants us to use differentiated strategies, which are much needed everywhere, except, I and many of my colleagues don't have the resources, not to mention we are at least twenty to thirty thousand dollars a year underpaid. 
      Of course, I understand that some of you are probably wondering why I don't pack it up and leave this island. Well, my family is here. Plus, I'd like to be part of the education revolution that must occur if Puerto Rico is going to compete worldwide. For that to happen, teachers like me should have the basics, like internet in the classroom, computers or laptops that work all year round, and a diverse amount of resources so that our students can finally enter into the world the U.S. students have known for the last twenty-five years. Yes, many of our schools lack the proper foundation for success and for what I have seen, politicians are throwing all the burden on us teachers. Surely it takes a community to educate our children, so why should things be so dysfunctional in Puerto Rico? 
     As proof of a dysfunctional society, I only have to direct you to the news sources. Gun violence brought on by drug turf wars are far too common in this island. Poverty is rampant. Unemployment hit new highs, and government corruption is stuck in a never-ending loop with no end in sight. 
     President Obama, I implore that you send an independent investigator to the Puerto Rico's Department of Education. You promised a change we could count on, yet the changes I have seen on this island, regarding education, have us headed back to cave man days. It's time to get your hands dirty, Mr. President, and stop ignoring us second-class citizens. That's right, upon moving to Puerto Rico, I lost the right to vote for President. Clearly, the political system here and in the U.S. has severe cracks that must be patched up before more people migrate to other countries. 
     Perhaps, migration has been the plan all along. God knows many of our citizens have abandoned this sinking ship. How long before Americans decide enough is enough? How long before the people of Puerto Rico decide that a violent coup is needed here? Help us, Mr. President, before it's too late.

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