Friday, January 1, 2010

The Powers of Darkness

     A warm, bright summer morning brings forth a new day filled with the promise of fulfilling dreams of days past. With the new dawn comes a chorus of chirps outside your window or perhaps a steady hum of someone’s lawnmower in the distance. The sun’s heat coupled with blue skies occasionally painted with a few puffy white clouds may lead one to believe that this is the day for something magical. This just might be the day for the next greatest novel ever to be written and it just may originate out of your muse.

     Ha! Yea right! I seriously doubt this could happen to me for you see, I need darkness to function. While terrible things do happen during the day, horror breathes at night. Yes, all sorts of unsavory characters come out at night. Some of them may be living next door to you. As authors we must be on the lookout for anyone different. That lady that likes making dolls resembling some of your family members just might be a witch. The man that prepares your favorite oatmeal in the morning may sprinkle a special dust concocted at night to insure you lose your memory on a gradual basis. Let’s not forget the barber who uses a unique tonic on your hair under the guise of cleansing the hair particles when in fact each time you visit, the heathen has to utilize all of his skills to mask the fact you are going bald at an alarming rate. Hereditary my eye!

     One thing I have found to be true is that at night dreams are born. Magical possibilities can be given an opportunity to breathe. Despair can fester and grow into uncanny situations filled with heart wrenching experiences for your characters. Imagination is the key. What if your character is haunted by a drunken ghost? What if your sweet, innocent child character holds the key to the world’s destruction? What if the power to harness the sun’s energy is hidden in the most timid of mankind? At night, the possibilities are endless.

     Naturally, not all horror occurs at night, but the purpose of this entry: I want to show that while you sleep, insidious nocturnal creatures may be at work with evil deeds.

     Take comfort that in real life, heroes do exist and they seldom sleep, day or night.

Happy New Year Everyone

Nomar Knight

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