Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seduced by Evil

Seduced by Evil
By Nomar Knight

     During the waking hours, Blade was a control freak hellbent on stealing innocence from the weaker sex. He had lured his prey on lies and false hopes until they bowed to his will. Turned on by whimpers and screams, fear became his addiction. It wasn't long before he looked to dominate in my realm with fantasies designed from the bowels of hell.
     Entombed in the world of dreams, Blade’s arrogance masked his vulnerability, seducing me for yet another night. My identity, obvious yet obscure, haunted his fabricated chamber of love.
     "Who are you?" he asked.
     His curiosity coaxed me to abandon the shadows. At first, he smiled, thinking that I too would succumb to his whims. His sapphire eyes glowed in anticipation of another victim falling for his shallow charm.  
     The image I projected of beauty beyond words weakened his knees. I caressed his smooth face, puckered my lips, and with tenderness, planted a kiss.  
     "Is this real?" he asked.  
     Unaccustomed to having his way so quickly, I saw his eyes sparkle with a diabolical contentment. Lulled by a false sense of reality, he allowed me to stroke his curly hair, nibble his earlobes, and plant kisses along the back of his neck.  
     My core burned with desire and I smiled in anticipation, delighted at his naive nature. The heartless made such easy prey.
     As soon as he opened his essence, the distortion, which my spell cast, lifted with slow, deliberate malice.  
     "Huh, what are you?"
     The new illumination brought forth by darkness revealed my true identity. Panic enshrouded his face and a cloud of fear seeped from his soul.The rude awakening sent shock waves throughout his body, empowering me even more.
     In my domain, surprise became my biggest weapon.  His jaw dropped when I plunged a dagger into his chest.
     "Scream my Sweet, for in the realm of dreams I am the only one who can hear you."
     He shrieked--gripped with terror, not knowing what to do as his adrenaline intoxicated me with sheer pleasure. Somehow, he gathered the strength and shoved me aside to flee, only he tripped over his own feet.
     "Trying to leave?" I whispered in his ear. "We're just getting started."
     This time I lifted the blood-coated dagger and listened to his screams. His expression changed to repulsion when my face turned from a model’s beautiful glow to a hideous abomination. Euphoria consumed me as I listened to the rhythm of his heavy breath blending with fear’s exciting crescendo. 
     Drip.  Drip.
     Again I struck, slicing his outstretched palm, basking in the symphony of my demonic lust.
     Drip.  Drip.
     "Please," he begged, "let me wake up."
     He reminded himself as if reciting an incantation that it was just a dream, just a dream.
     By now his body moaned in his sleep and turned over in his bed.
     I lurked above him, wiping the blade, mixing his fresh blood with mine and cooed in rapture. Its intoxicating scent filled my mind and quenched my thirst. With the essence of our precious liquid infused together, I lapped up every single drop until the blade sparkled. The delicious ritual left me breathless and him weak.  
     Aware that I couldn't allow my slave to wither away, I disappeared into the shadows, releasing him from my bond. I smirked as he awoke confused and disoriented. Satisfied, I let him be, counting the hours until our next rendezvous. I beamed with devilish delight, completely aware that soon he would be foolish enough to allow me to take another piece of his soul and claim it as my own.  

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2015. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Flash Fiction Presentation.

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