Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Burning Damnation

     I recently wrote a poem called Listen to the Madness, about a man who burns a witch at the stake. At the time, I felt like writing about a witch, but had no idea who the characters were or how the poem would turn out until I wrote it. You may click on the poem's title so you can check it out. 
     Now, the unknown characters intrigued me to the point that I decided to use a writing technique to get to know them. What follows is my unedited dialogue between the man and the victim (witch). In the coming days I will post the flash fiction piece that was fleshed out from this exercise. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. Enjoy. 

A Burning Damnation
By Nomar Knight

“It’s no use to try and wriggle free, you will burn, witch!”
“You’ve all gone mad. I am but a simple midwife.”
“You poisoned our lord’s wife. She birthed an abomination. He had to kill it. For that you must pay.”
“No! Don’t light those twigs!”
“The flames of hell will consume you. Did you not see the look on my lord’s face when he saw the beast? Did you not hear his whimpers when he was forced to stab the thing through the heart?”
“He played with the devil and lost.”
“No, you evil witch! You alone are responsible for the tragic event.”
“Please...untie me.”
“You can cough and gag all night. Your pleas fall on deaf ears.”
“Please! Mercy!”
“The smell of witch defiles the air. Compatriots, cover your mouths, lest she poison us all.”
“I swear before the Dark Lord, evil will fall upon all who misjudged me. I gave her a potion to save the child, but alas, the innocent paid for the sins of the father.”
“So you admit to sorcery?”
“Doctoring is not witchcraft.”
“What satisfaction to hear the evil witch scream! The flames of justice are beyond your powers.”
“Die witch!”
“Your words have no power here.”
“Rot in hell!”

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2015. All rights reserved.
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