Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to Chuckle

Horror doesn't have to be all gruesome gore and seriousness. Sometimes a little humor can be injected into a horrible situation. Now let's see... ah yes, what if a man finds himself trapped inside a tight space like a coffin, would you find the situation funny if it were you? No way, but this character discovers some strange things about himself while in the process of dealing with the madness. Here's a short poem which is also posted on, titled Alone in the Crypt. Enjoy.

Alone in the Crypt by Nomar Knight

I opened my eyes
Surrounded by night
Trapped in a coffin
With no help in sight.
I clawed at the lid
Yearning to be free
Something wailed aloud
"My God! It was me."

Terror knows no bounds
It's true what they say
We are all victims
Of death and decay.
The stench of feces
Reminds me of life
Tainted, imperfect
"Wait! What's this?-- A knife!"

I removed the blade
Out of my stilled chest.
Perplexed by my state
Given a new quest.
So how could this be?
Did I expire?
Am I the undead?
"Christ! I'm a vampire!"

I mourned who I was
Recalling the light
Plunging the dagger
With all of my might.
Blinded by moonlight
Chips fell on my head
Cursing the culprit
"I swear he'll be dead."

Kicking the cover
Off my bed of death
Searched my surroundings
Tried to catch my breath
Smiled at old habits
And frowned at my taste
The thirst consumed me
"Oh man, what a waste."

Hunger filled my thoughts
As easy as pie
Escaping the crypt
Now someone must die
My senses heightened
I spotted my mick
Holding a shovel
"Ah, blood on a stick."

© Copyright 2008 Nomar Knight (UN: nomarknight at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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