Saturday, September 12, 2009

When Chaos is in Control

Hello my fellow readers, both of you... I'm back. Sorry for the disappearing act but my life seems to be in a tailspin. Too many new things attacking me at once, coupled by severe depression. It feels like chaos in control. I've been working on a story since December of 2008 and I still can't seem to spit it out. In all that time I only have four scenes. Yes, the scenes may be some of my best work to date, but I'm frustrated at how slow it's going.

In my last entry, I allowed one of my psycho characters to fill in. He wanted to inform you that he was transferred to a mental facility. Unfortunately, he bit an orderly's ear off and is still caged in isolation.

Anyway, my yet untitled story seems to be stuck in ice and after managing to write the first chapter of "Chosen" it appears that too is stalled. I blame myself since I did not write an outline for it. I'm also eager to rewrite my first novelette, Time's Up which features one of my favorite characters, Cole Mizer.

Oh well, that's all for today. Life is getting in the way again. I just hate it when chaos is in control.


  1. Hey Nomar.... get revenge on chaos and force it into one of your awesome stories.... where everything is chaos. I've been wanting to read something really dark lately...

    Keep your spirits up...


  2. Thanks Tania. I added another scene to the trickled story. First one since March of this year. Oh well, at least the story comes from deep within the abyss of loneliness and despair. So it should be creepy. I'll post the first scene here. Stay tuned.

    Take care.