Friday, December 18, 2009

Missing in Action

Sorry about being away for so long. Sometimes the muse takes a vacation even if you're not willing to part with it. Well, now it's back and attacking better than ever. I've just started a new project. There's no viable title yet, but it is a horror book. Don't know if it'll be a novella or a novel, but as the character's communicate with me, I'll know in do time. Here's a small excerpt of the opening:

The idea that history repeats itself may be construed as a myth. Some people believe there are creatures that roam the earth which few humans recognize. Others think sorcery occurs at the midnight hour and that night air can be a carrier of all kinds of malice. Those same delusional souls say evil attracts both corroded energy and virginal innocence. Perhaps history does repeat itself.

Then the action takes over. A mystical being observes its prey in the hopes of unleashing itself upon the human world.

It's fun to be writing again. Oh well, wish me luck.

Nomar Knight


  1. Good to see you are back... now how do I get my hands on this new story of yours? :P

  2. Don't worry Tania, I'll give you an exclusive peak as things unfold. I'm just not sure what medium I'll use to get it to you. Don't feel like posting it in WDC.

    Good to see you're alive too. I'm waiting for my Christmas vacation to start so I can see what you've been up to.