Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Fountain of Muse

Why it is that one’s creative juices tend to flow in the most unlikely of places baffles me. I wish I could say that my best writing is done at my desk in front of the computer, but truth be told; ideas jump out at me in the bathroom. Perhaps it’s the solitude of the place or the anticipation of running water, or the need to think while doing nature’s cleansing. I don’t know why, but the bathroom seems to be working akin to the Fountain of Youth, only I call it, the Fountain of Muse.

In my case, the developments of crucial characters are born in a bathroom. I understand that for a normal person, the bedroom should be the most exciting place, but while the bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation, and sometimes exercise; I find myself exiting the bathroom with either a gleam in my eyes or just super anxious to unload my discoveries on paper. While I don’t always have a great experience in the Fountain of Muse, sometimes the well runs dry or like constipation, ideas strain to trickle out. Fortunately, I do have alternate rituals which put me on the right track. Although, I must admit, these rituals take place in other locations. For example, some of my characters prefer coffee over the nuances of a toilet. As a result, I’m regularly spotted in my neighborhood café surrounded by all sorts of invisible ghosts, demons, vampires and the like.

Another place I visit on occasion, especially when the character is either extremely stressed, or causes an unbelievable amount of grief, is the neighborhood pub. I’ve discovered that alcohol not only drops human’s inhibitions, but also that of fictional characters, since they believe they’re human too. Now I must admit I have not yet gotten smashed to the level where the characters take on a three dimensional perspective and therefore, have to carry me home. Taking account the evil I communicate with, it’s best to keep my senses in considerable working order.

I recall one day admitting to a teenage female that the evening prior, I had interviewed a beautiful, female, twin vampire. Instead of campaigning to have me committed, she begged me to introduce her to the character, even though I explained that vampires who were made in the 1600’s tend to be a bit antisocial. Nevertheless, she had to settle for a drawing of the character. In addition, I told her to picture the Olsen twins with fangs.

I’d like to know where your Fountain of Muse is located. Feel free to comment. Next time I’ll write about when a character consumes its author.
Happy Holidays to all.

Nomar Knight

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