Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Watch Out! Eyes of the Dead

It's done! The newest Horror eShort is published.  You can purchase it on Smaswords here or Amazon U.S. here for just 99 cents.

Amazon UK here Amazon Italy, here, Amazon Spain here Amazon Germany here Amazon France here

Here's a blurb.

People react differently when experiencing a traumatic event. When Mr. Billings was a child, he witnessed a murder. Held spellbound by the victim's desperate attempt at maintaining life, he never expected to feel electrical impulses throughout his body and when their eyes connected, the victim's evil deeds empowered the boy. Once the man's eyes took on a glassy glow, Billings did whatever he could to experience the power that can only come from the eyes of the dead. 

Once unleashed, the supernatural connection gave Billings an almighty purpose. His unique gifts empowered him to clean up the city streets, one degenerate at a time. 

Here's the book's profile on Kindle

Another book by yours truly:

The action packed Dark Romance, Suspense Thriller, Burning Love  Sold exclusively on Kindle for the next three months. Also for just 99 cents. or if you're a member of KDP Select, you can read it for free! 


You may purchase Burning Love here

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