Sunday, January 8, 2012

When Darkness Comes

When Darkness Comes  
By Nomar Knight

Laughter dies at sundown
Leaves rustle around
A quiet celebration drums
When darkness comes
Amidst the drool and grime
Evil relishes its time
In a starless night
Lurks the thief of light

Creatures rise from tombs
Apocalyptic winds loom
Talons replace thumbs
When darkness comes
With hunger in their eyes
Someone always dies
Faced with flee or fight
Fear adds to their plight

No use being brave
When it's blood they crave
Havens become slums
When darkness comes
For when they smell prey
Doesn't pay to stay
Nothing is alright
Must survive till light

Hurry run and win
Darkness can't hide sin
Forget the shakes and runs
When darkness comes
Too late to show remorse
Have to stay the course
Mustn't lose sight
Death will make things right

Next time make sure
Who you kill is pure
Immortals hide as bums
When darkness comes
True evil never dies
Don't believe the lies
Must survive the night
Or never again see light

©2012 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem.

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  1. Hi Nomar!
    Your writing is superb!
    This should be in a movie!
    For a character.
    Send this 2 Hollywood !
    I absolutely love this!
    Deana. @loveubotox