Saturday, February 4, 2012

Welcome to Indie Author Tag-Party BlogFest

Hello my fabulous Knight Chills readers! This weekend I have some announcements. For today only, my eBook, Burning Love is free on Kindle.  If you like a bit of romance and lots of action and suspense, you'll love Burning Love.  Also free today is my horror eShort, Eyes of the Dead.  Go ahead, take a brief escape from reality with Eyes of the Dead. But BEWARE, it's NOT for the squimish.

Now, once you're on Amazon's page please feel free to hit the like button on the top of the page and if you scroll to the bottom, you may agree with those tags. If you do that then you will officially have joined our tag party.  The brilliant idea is by Francine Hollwarth.  Please visit her blog so you may discover talented new authors and their exciting eBooks. By liking and tagging those authors you'll be helping them gain a little more recognition and hopefully, more sales.

Thank you and do enjoy discovering new authors.

Here are the links for my great UK readers. Eyes of the Dead and Burning Love

Catch you on the dark side and happy reading!

Nomar Knight    


  1. Liked and tagged for you! Have a good weekend.

  2. Hi,


    Thanks for joining in the blogfest!

    Happy Tagging... ;)


  3. Tagged you, Nomar. Burning Love is a fantastic read. :)

  4. Okay, tagged and like in both US and UK. :)

  5. Have tagged and liked! :)

  6. I tagged you on both sides of the pond. :)

  7. Tagged and liked you. I have two books on Kindle Select, but I cannot deduce how to contact the promotions manager since Kindle Direct will not highlight the setting! I wanted to give those two books away free. Such is life that it is hard to be charitible, right?! Roland