Friday, October 5, 2012

Ramblins of a Dark Knight: Silent Voices

Ramblings of a Dark Knight: Silent Voices

Hello Knight Chills readers, it’s been awhile since I posted anything. I apologize, but something strange has been happening to me. For some unknown reason, the voices which fill my head with action-packed stories are silent. I spend many nights sitting on my porch, hoping to hear from a character, no matter how dangerous. Unfortunately, I can’t hear them. Gone are the loud screams in the night. Instead, I fill my time watching internet television, listening to music, and as of late, smoking a cigar.
Oh how I long for Candy, my favorite sexy character, to whisper about her current capers, but I guess she’s too busy. Heck, I’m getting desperate. I wouldn’t mind a visit from my favorite female vampire, the Countess Lorraina Sandoval, but she too has opted to stay away from me.
I admit the silence is aggravating. Normally, in between stints from my most popular characters like Oscuro the angel of suicide, or Lieutenant Woods the psychic homicide detective, I would get visits from psychotic killers. Sometimes they would only entice me with a poem instead of a fleshed out story. At least they used to show up and fight for my attention which has never been easy since I have attention deficit disorder.
Unfortunately, my nights have become peaceful. Gone are the restless nights, gone are the nightmares that had me waking up in a cold sweat, barely able to utter a breath before I would eventually regain my composure. The challenge would be to pen the details before sanity wiped away memories of torture, screams, misery, and blood. Oh how I miss the chaos.
Let’s face it. I’m concerned that I’m becoming civilized. The word itself makes me break out in hives. Niceness is making me weak. Another friend of mine called me a kind soul. Yuck! Give me a bloody murder! Point me in the direction of a good evil man to torture. Surely this strange funk can’t continue.
In the event that I go missing once again, send out a search party. Rescue this dark Knight from the dungeon of writer’s block. Feed me information about characters who are suffering and worth caring for. There must be a voice out there that’s loud enough to capture my attention and captivate my creativity. Until then, I’ll sit on my porch, gaze up at the night sky and listen to the maddening silence.
Don’t get burned by the light. Bask in true darkness and send some my way.

Nomar Knight

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  1. Have you considered running naked down the street? That usually helps cure writer's block. Start with a six-pack of Corona...