Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bowels of Darkness

Here's my poetic offering for All Hallow's Eve. (Previously published in SNM Horror Magazine)

The Bowels of Darkness   
By Nomar Knight

From the bowels of darkness I came
Looking for my kind of treasure
Wasn't there to play foolish games
Or fulfill your sordid pleasure

Though your smooth flesh was enticing
And your warm eyes a delight
Licking sweat off your brow like icing
No doubt my lust would ignite

But purpose filled my need
So I ventured in the light
Your pale skin had to bleed
No use to struggle or fight

You winced and gagged at my breath
And spat vulgar words of hate
What you smelled was your death
A doomed reality your fate

Tainted soul ventured with me
Into the bleakest of holes
No longer could you see
Your blemishes and moles

Futile cries filled the void
Like razors cutting skin
Deception you employed
Revealed a black heart of sin

In my abyss your screams are harmless
So thrash and flail with all your might
Welcome to the bowels of darkness
Where forever is trapped in fright

©2011 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Nomar Knight Poem.

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