Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love's Desperate Embrace by Rafael Cruz

Here's a lovely poetic offering by one of my most talented students, Rafael Cruz. Though the current photo isn't drawn by him, he is also an accomplished artist. The more I read this poem, the more it sticks to my heart. Do enjoy Rafael's Love's Desperate Embrace.

Love’s Desperate Embrace
By Rafael Cruz

Sun Girl
Didn’t let the darkness encase her
Light was her heart
Gentle beams cascaded on golden hair
Trickling down as she giggled
She exhaled daylight

Moon Boy
Sat ignored by stars
He searched for Sun Girl relentlessly
Sometimes he’d find her
Surrendering to love
Blinded by her fiery eyes

His passion reawakened by power
Yet fate kept them apart
Two worlds coexisting
In a wonderland of inevitable separation
Dreaming of her warm embrace
Hoping for a miracle

When she danced in daylight
He sulked through moon rays
Oh, how forbidden the fruits of day and night
For light and darkness were never meant to mix
They’re damned to stay apart
And may only rendezvous at dawn
When traces of desperation fade away

© Copyright Rafael Cruz 2013. All rights reserved.
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