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An Unexpected Visitor

An Unexpected Visitor

By Nomar Knight

The other night, after I had chatted with one of my favorite readers, something unexpected happened. I was all set to sleep when I felt the room’s atmosphere change. It wasn’t something drastic like temperature change. It was more like a fluctuation in the darkness itself. I glanced at the mirror and spotted a black mass, darker than the rest of the room. At first I thought a ghost had entered through a mystical portal and was about to reveal its true form to me. However, the shape remained and towered over the front of my bed. Thoughts of something evil, like a demon, quickly vanished as the being communicated to me by putting images in my head. At once, I realized that my old friend, Oscuro, had finally found his way back to me.
For those that don’t know who Oscuro is, he’s the main character in my book, Darkness Roams. He’s the angel of suicide or as he’s known in the underworld, the Suicide King. When I last listened to Oscuro, he had told me that Darkness Roams was part of a long story. This time he got my attention by bombarding my mind with the opening scene to book number two. He was even bold enough to suggest a title. He called it Shadow of Darkness.
Now rest assured that his visit was brief, as would figure with a busy angel of darkness, but long after he was gone, images continued to fill me with a combination of despair and euphoria. Despair struck my inner core because I felt terrified for the victims as I witnessed their demise. Oscuro left no doubt that Shadow of Darkness belongs in the ranks of horror. He reminded me that he faced new challenges and thus recounted a period in his existence when he was vulnerable to supernatural forces. He hinted that he loathed those times but a great many lessons were learned, making him who he is today.
As to why I felt euphoric, Oscuro left me with a huge amount of dark energy, making it almost impossible to sleep. The encounter left me writing a few notes. I could not reach sleep until I formed a plan of attack on this most challenging project. Book number two promises to have plenty of plot twists and loads of suspense to satisfy the newest of readers.
All in all, Oscuro’s unexpected intrusion reminds me that no writer is safe from his muse. In my case, powerful characters enjoy fighting for my attention. Few leave me wanting more while making me feel as if my own life is at risk. Oscuro definitely leaves a jarring impression. Considering he takes suicidal souls into Oblivion to torture them, I suppose my current relationship with him is more acceptable.
Stay tuned my friends for more news about Shadow of Darkness.

Catch you on the dark side!

Nomar Knight

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