Saturday, April 4, 2015

Discrimination: America's Darkest Pastime

To be acutely aware of this world's frightening state, is to condemn your consciousness to a lifetime of horror. ~ Book of Tortured Souls

Discrimination: America’s Darkest Pastime
By Nomar Knight

     There’s another media frenzy where ignorant people are showcasing their discriminatory minds for all to see. It seems everywhere I turn, there are articles and interviews with people who not only are in favor of discriminating against gays, but they seem to illustrate pride in defending their position. Amazingly, the excuse used to openly deny the LGBT community’s basic rights is the hot topic of religion. For a country born on the concept of religious freedom, it seems ludicrous how some people are blind to the double standard they wield like a sword specifically designed to kill anyone who is not like them. I wonder, how can homophobia be so blinding? To illustrate my point, a florist in Georgia claimed that she would deny service to gay people but not adulterers because, “That’s a different kind of sin.”
     Obviously, logic and compassion are not required when practicing the latest darkest form of pastime. Thankfully, not all Americans agree with the growing number of bigots and are protesting with vigor. While one of the best things about what makes America great is the right to disagree and freedom of speech, it’s obvious to me that we still have not learned how to live with our differences.
     Perhaps there will come a time when education will prevail. Unfortunately, as long as there is a fundamental difference in how Christians view the world from within their own ranks, bigotry will remain a constant nuisance to society. I call for cooler heads to prevail. I hope that enlightenment will show that in spite of our differences, people just want a chance to live in peace, surrounded by love. Let’s eradicate hate from all walks of life, Christian or atheist. Let’s all get along.

Catch you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

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