Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Share the Love by Ramon Flores

This poem is dedicated to all my students and a kind soul, Gladys Marie.

Share the Love
By Ramon Flores

I do the best I can
With what I have
At any given moment

Though it's usually
Never enough
I know I tried my best

"Always do your best."
"Let God do the rest."
My teacher said.

A lesson learned
And now I share
With a new generation

These kids
Have so many distractions
Detractors a plenty

Easy money lures
Material wealth shines
Happiness to buy

No way kids
Break through the myths
Don't believe the lies

Happiness can't be bought
Materials stay behind
Money means nothing

What counts
Is that you
Share the knowledge

Don't expect
Anything in return
Spread good vibes

Be happy
Take care of yourself
And share the love

© Copyright Ramon Flores 2015. All rights reserved.
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