Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Kind of Madness

My Kind of Madness
by Nomar Knight

It's not the bodies piling up 
Broken souls stolen before time 

It's not weapons sold to kids 
The killing to solve problems 

It's not that I want to listen 
To a mother's wailing 

It's not the fame I build 
On massive amounts of corpses 

It's not terrorism for an ideal 
Or voices in my head 

It's the racing of my heart 
Just before I send another fool 

Watching idiocy cross with ideology 
Power breeds addiction 

Explosive fire marks my signature 
Screams increase my strength 

Having the world at my mercy 
Is my kind of madness 

©2015 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills poetic presentation.

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