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Vampire Chronicles: Trapped by Fury

Vampire Chronicles: Trapped by Fury
By Nomar Knight

     Loneliness could force some people to change their safe routines. I had begun the second month of my vacation annoyed that boredom refused to release its grip on me. To motivate my writing, I took long walks on the beach, enjoying nature’s soothing waves and majestic enchantments. The frustration of the Vampire Lorraina’s story hemorrhaging away into oblivion’s unpublished canyon, spooked me into a dormant state. Somehow, I had lost that magical connection to Lorraina’s motivation. The prospect of not finishing the book haunted me. 
     I hadn’t noticed that my wanderings in nature were becoming routine. It wasn’t until two men approached me that I realized my error. 
     There was something about the men that set off my internal bad guy alarm. One of them was a few inches shorter than me and had one hand in his pocket. The other, a big husky fellow, had a scar on his right cheek. They looked like two low-lives intent on mischief. I prayed for the power of invisibility. They stepped in front of me. 
     The small one produced a knife. The tall one balled his hands into fists and said, “Give us your money and your wallet.”
     When I was in a somewhat relaxed state, I had thought the waves to be soothing. Upon being threatened, the waves sounded angrier. 
     “You caught me at a bad time. I’m a struggling writer. Haven’t sold a book in months.”
     The short one waved the knife in front of my face and growled, “We don’t care about your problems. Give us your watch and ring too or I’ll stab you, then rob you.”
     I hadn’t thought about how I would react in a dire situation. The right thing to do would be to submit to the crooks and give them what they wanted. However, my adrenaline increased to the point I wanted to grab the little guy’s neck and snap it. The big dude must have picked up on my intentions because he punched me in my stomach. 
     I tried to plead for my life, but before I knew it, the big man had me lying face down in the sand. He plunked one knee on my back and said, “Get his wallet!”
     I had expected the shorter one to follow the brute’s orders, but instead I heard him yell. 
     “What the?” The big guy uttered, “Where did he go?”
     The brute got off me, allowing me to get to my feet. 
     “Leon!” he said, “Where are you?”
     Overcome with curiosity, I asked, “What happened?”
     The big guy scratched his head. “One second he was reaching for your wallet and the next, he was gone.”
     I noticed he didn’t have a weapon. I figured, one on one I could take him. I balanced my body in a fighter’s stance. 
     The big guy grinned, “You’re too slow for me, old man.”
     Screams! Bloodcurdling screams came from behind a large dune. 
     The big guy’s dark face grew pale. 
     “Was that your friend, crying like a little girl? This could only mean that my bodyguard is nearby.”
     “What bodyguard? You’re always alone.”
     Just as I had suspected. The two crooks had been observing my summer routine.
     “Lorraina, I would call her my guardian angel, but she definitely isn’t an angel.”
     From a distance, I spotted the vampire Lorraina Sandoval strutting towards us. Her long, illustrious, red hair swayed in the wind. When she got within a few feet, she licked the remnants of the remaining blood off her lips. 
     “Mmm, Leon was tasty.”
     The big guy remained motionless. I couldn’t tell if he was awestruck by Lorraina’s beauty or if he was hypnotized by her powers.
     I grinned, “This is when you run, dummy!”
     “Nomar, you haven’t been using your vacation wisely.” Lorraina frowned, “Why aren’t you finishing my story?”
     I shrugged. 
     She pulled my face to hers and kissed me. The taste of Leon’s blood lingered on her warm tongue. 
     Alas, the big guy spoke, “Where’s Leon?”
     Lorraina ignored him and whispered in my ear. “You lack the proper motivation, darling.”
     The big guy made the mistake of grabbing Lorraina’s shoulder. She spun, snapped his wrist, and then tore it clean off.
     His screams competed with the rushing roar of the waves. 
     “Hold this, Nomar.” She handed me his bloody left hand. I tossed it on the ground like a hot piece of coal. 
     Gurgling sounds confirmed that Lorraina drained the big guy’s life old school vampire style, puncturing and draining blood out of his throat. His body writhed as if he had touched an electrical live wire. She released the corpse when she finished. 
     I snapped out of my shock and uttered, “Thanks for saving me yet again, Lorraina. I really need to get home now, you know, finish writing your book.”
     She laughed and it took all my concentration not to soil myself. 
     “You still have three weeks left of your vacation.”
     “Yes, I will spend most of it, on your book, Lost in Darkness.”
     “I wish I could believe you.”
     I didn’t like the way she stared at me. She was still in predator mode. 
     “Don’t worry, Lorraina, this display of gruesomeness will haunt me in a productive way.”
     “I’m not letting you out of my sight.”
     “What does that mean?”
     The vampire Lorraina Sandoval kept me prisoner in my own home. She threatened to snack on me if I didn’t get to work on her book. 
     To think I had been bored this summer. The old adage rang true, “Be careful what you wish for.”

© Copyright Nomar Knight 2015. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Flash Fiction Presentation.

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