Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Consequences of Success

Consequences of Success

By Nomar Knight

There's a target on my back
Success launches a thousand knives
Steps become harder to track
Truth drowned out by lies

Become great at spotting hate
Evil glances as if to dismember
Be careful what you ask of fate
Failure is what they hope to remember

Don't satisfy ignorant fools
Take things to the next level
Incorporate new tools
Who cares if they see the devil

March to your own beat
Aggressively take what's yours
Golden throne your new seat
Desire and sweat open doors

And if you feel you had enough
That being amazing is bad
Stow a plan in your cuff
It's fun to make them all mad

©2016 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills poetic presentation.

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