Monday, August 29, 2016

When Love Bleeds

When Love Bleeds

By Nomar Knight

How can I take a chance?
To find a loving romance
When I know all too well
The pain takes me to hell
Like a vampire when he feeds
That's when love bleeds

Nothing but fallen prey
Don't know what to say
As if I'm stuck in my seat
Stinking of rotted meat
Like a zombie as he feeds
That's how love bleeds

I'm no necromancer
Can't get up to become a dancer
No coming back to life
As if my chest holds a knife
Like a ghoul when he feeds
That's when love bleeds

Wish I knew what to do
So I could move on too
But reality bites
Won't reach new heights
So as the monster feeds
That's when love bleeds

March forward I'm told
Try to be bold
Meet someone new
But they haven't a clue
Inside me it feeds
That's why love bleeds

©2016 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills poetic presentation.

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