Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do You Exist?

Do you exist?
By Nomar Knight

Do you exist?  I spend my days focusing on matters of importance.  Hundreds of tasks which keep me too busy to notice there’s something missing.  I wonder if you do the same.  Maintain a constant pace, to stop thinking of what awaits.
Nighttime closes in and though my body is worn, it’s not broken.  Somehow I manage to distract myself with entertainment.  Anything not to think about my reality.
When there’s nothing left but shadows creeping in, I sit and contemplate about you.  Are your eyes dry?  Do you suffer from the misery which keeps us apart?—Fate.
Have I seen you, the love of my life and not known you were near?  Maybe we’ve already stood next to each other on line, perhaps waiting to get into a restaurant or a movie.  Were you that close only to have the controllers of fate keep us from gazing into each other’s eyes?
How much longer can we live without each other?  What I would give to stroke your hair, caress your cheeks, drink in your warm smile.
The shadows fall and darkness blankets the sky.  Stars sparkle, keeping the glowing moon company.  It doesn’t seem fair that Mr. Moon has the brightest companions, yet I sit alone with my thoughts, trying hard to picture your face.
Another day departs, leaving me with no choice but to lie in wait, clinging on to hope that perhaps tomorrow will be the day when we can gaze into each other’s eyes and say, yes I exist and I was made just for you.

©2011 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem.


  1. Tres cool, oh man with flaming shirt.


  2. ..."How much longer can we live without each other? What I would give to stroke your hair, caress your cheeks, drink in your warm smile"...How much longer? The answer: I'll wait a lifetime ;-)