Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nature's Warning: Earthquake Rocks East Coast

Nature’s Warning: Earthquake Rocks East Coast
By Nomar Knight

An ungodly rumbling caused more than the east coast to tremble.  The recent earthquake, which originated in Virginia, did more than disrupt everyone’s routine.  The blast of nature assisted in shedding light on the possibility of an extreme change for life as we know it.  What most people hate to admit, lies inside them, rose to the surface as many grew terrified of the possibility that the end of the world, or perhaps a catastrophic terrorist attack was at play. 
Moments after the event, I received a call from a loved one.  I heard the fear in her voice.  The older a person gets, the more aware they become of their mortality.  At that moment, I was at a loss to find the words that would comfort her.
My mind wandered with the images she described, first of how she visited her brother and sat with her husband in a loveseat.  Their familiar encounter literally shaken as the building swayed, and their loveseat trembled.  Shock quickly transformed to sheer panic, and instead of looking to position over a doorway, or dive under solid furniture, they said their goodbyes and headed to the same place the majority went to, the crowded streets. 
Images of concrete breaking open and swallowing people as they danced for their lives, doing their best to negotiate each new crater, popped in my mind.  As I listened to her tormented account, I envisioned skyscrapers collapsing all around them.  I felt hopeless when the best advice I could offer was for them to remain outside, away from buildings for at least an hour. 
Perhaps my advice would have been useless if the situation were worse, but the one thing I do know from personal experience is that when our number is up, there’s nothing we could do to change the outcome.  Death waits for no one and eventually, will meet us all. 
Nevertheless, I’m pleased that as of this writing, the situation did not get worse and that no one got hurt.  Yet I can’t help but wonder what the underlying purpose of the event could be.  Was the seismic event that got everyone’s attention just a prelude to the end of the world? 
While the scientists look for answers, I’ll chalk it up to nature’s way of providing us with a wakeup call.  My advice, live life as if each moment is your last.

Catch you on the dark side

Nomar Knight

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  1. When your number's up, it's up!You are right about the elderly worrying more about these things: except for me because I'm too old to worry. It amazes me, too, how churches increase their pull on them.


  2. Residents of the East coast are far less accustomed to the rumbling and shaking ... land mass, and has stiffer rocks, making earthquakes highly unusual there.