Monday, December 26, 2011

My Life as a Psychic Zombie

My Life as a Psychic Zombie
By Nomar Knight

Traumatic events may bring to light the discovery of unusual abilities.  When I was just six years old, my father passed away from cancer.  One of my cousins tried to explain the concept of death to me.  The news of the finality of the act of dying stunned me into a state of shock, causing me to lose consciousness.  One month after my dad’s burial, I received an impossible phone call. 
Static shot through the receiver, making it difficult to hear the voice.  Once the noise subsided a bit, I instantly recognized the voice on the other end.
“Son,” more static preceded by “I’m not supposed to be doing this, but you have to stop worrying about me.”
“Dad, when are you coming back?”
My mother was in the kitchen and asked, “Who are you talking too?”
“It’s dad!” I said all excited.
At that moment, I witnessed my mother’s cheeks as they turned red. 
My dad continued, “Son, you’re the man of the house.  Take care of your mother and little brother.”
Before I could ask him again when he was going to return, my mother yanked the phone out of my hands.  She screamed, “This is cruel!  My husband is dead.  How can you…” she listened to the voice on the other end and tears flowed down her whitening cheeks. 
“When is dad coming back, mom?”
She dropped the phone and ran to her room to light a candle and pray. 
When I picked up the receiver which was dangling from the phone’s base, I spoke.  “Dad, are you there?”
I could only describe what I heard as a vast emptiness.  No longer did the static signal transcend across time and space.  The huge void seemed to seep through the tiny holes in the receiver, chilling my bones. 
For as long as I could remember, my father’s last words, which he took the trouble to repeat to me during the impossible phone call, played over and over in my mind.  Looking back on the event, I understood why my mother never spoke of that mystical day. 
As one could imagine, the impossible conversation left me in a haze.  When I returned to school, I appeared to mimic a zombie for the body was present but the mind wandered off with so many questions.  I wish I could say that the strange phone call was the extent of my contact with dead people, but since then there have been many instances of supernatural occurrences in my life.  Though some would say I’m psychic, I don’t buy into that term since I have very little control over the encounters with ghosts.  It’s not like I can turn it on and say okay, today I’ll converse with a dead person. 
According to my mother, my father told her in a dream that he’s not allowed anywhere near me.  He had left her a message which she gave to me after a crucial event in my life had occurred.  I don’t want to go into details, but I will admit that on a special night, a night that determined not just my future, but the birth of my children, an invisible hand pushed my chest and secured that my life stay on its proper course.
Anyway, after my father’s death, for at least five years I literally went through school as a psychic zombie.  The teachers would converse with the class, and on a few occasions, images of their future infiltrated my mind.  One teacher who was overweight, I had pictured her lying in bed, a fragile child of God.  A few years later she died of cancer and I had visited her before she passed on and witnessed the incredible metamorphosis.  Another teacher, a couple of years earlier, entered the classroom and I asked her what name she planned on giving the boy she was carrying in her womb.  After looking at me as if I belonged in an insane asylum, she admitted to just discovering she was two months pregnant.  My revelation appeared to mess with her mind since she insisted she find out how I knew.  She hadn’t given the news to anyone yet, not even her husband.  And yes, she had a boy.
So what lesson have I learned from my experience?  Never tell anyone that death is the end for as I understand it, death is the mechanism in which we journey back home. 

See you on the dark side.

Nomar Knight

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Watch Out! Eyes of the Dead

It's done! The newest Horror eShort is published.  You can purchase it on Smaswords here or Amazon U.S. here for just 99 cents.

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Here's a blurb.

People react differently when experiencing a traumatic event. When Mr. Billings was a child, he witnessed a murder. Held spellbound by the victim's desperate attempt at maintaining life, he never expected to feel electrical impulses throughout his body and when their eyes connected, the victim's evil deeds empowered the boy. Once the man's eyes took on a glassy glow, Billings did whatever he could to experience the power that can only come from the eyes of the dead. 

Once unleashed, the supernatural connection gave Billings an almighty purpose. His unique gifts empowered him to clean up the city streets, one degenerate at a time. 

Here's the book's profile on Kindle

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Friday, December 16, 2011

10 Tell-Tale Signs You're a Horror Writer

10 Tell-Tale Signs You’re a Horror Writer
By Nomar Knight

Here’s a possible blueprint for those youngsters wondering if they are future horror writers or just plain weird. 

10.  A classmate vomits and while everyone is busy gagging and saying “Yuck!” in your mind you’re picturing the kid spit out his organs and actually find yourself hoping for the worst.

9.  On your way to school you witness a man get hit by a car and as he’s being put into the ambulance, you wonder if he’ll end up as food for cannibals.

8.  Every time you go to a cemetery you keep envisioning graves opening from the ground and zombies rising to feed on the living.

7.  In your imaginary world, a Chihuahua can swallow Cujo whole.

6.  You avoid mowing the lawn at all costs because you could have sworn the neighbor’s cat was captured by a large creature with talons.

5.  When you get bullied at school you think up of new ways to torture the offenders.

4.  A walk through the woods to grandma’s house ends with you turning into a werewolf and feasting on your annoying little brother.

3.  You throw a fit when your mother wakes you from a nightmare so you won’t be late for school.

2.  As far as you’re concerned, you never drink fruit punch.  It’s blood, damn it!

1.  And the number one reason you know you are a horror writer…nothing makes you happier than hearing girls scream which explains why your pockets are filled with spiders and other creepy crawly creatures. 

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Friday, December 9, 2011


Here's a poem that was inspired by my teasing a fellow coworker while she was feeling under the weather. I predicted since I was poking fun at her situation, that I'd be stricken with her illness. That night, my body had to fight off symptoms of the flu.  That got me thinking just how much power the mind has. Unless of course, she really did try to put a hex on me. This one's for you Laura. 

By Nomar Knight

You snickered when I said I was ill
As if I had swallowed a bitter pill
My lips curled in disgust
Beware of who you trust
It's not nice to step on the defenseless
For that you'll pay with your senses

Upon seeing your image on the mirrored wall
One by one your teeth shall fall
And your skin will shrivel and wrinkle
Every hour you'll run to sprinkle
Buzzing bees and fruity flies
Will burst your skin and bug your eyes

Around your nose a wart will grow
Releasing snot with continuous flow
And constant breath that smells funky
Will make you appear as if a junky
Your friends will fade away for good
Steal your money like Robin Hood

So next time you poke fun of me
I'll scratch your face and bust your knee
All without a single touch
My witchery spells work in a clutch
For I am from the stronger sex
Mess with me and suffer my hex

©2011 Nomar Knight. All rights reserved.
A Knight Chills Poem.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stop Bullying! Knight's Reflection On What's Goin On

Stop Bullying! Knight's Reflection On What's Goin On

I saw Jonah Mowry's Youtube video today.  The pain in his eyes sent jabbing pains into my chest.  I know what it's like to hurt, to be ridiculed, to be misunderstood.  His story is not unlike so many who struggle with the realization that they are not like what society expects them to be.  I work with teens and see how they try and cope with how others view them just for being different from the majority.

Please watch the video and take the time to let Jonah and others like him know that they do make a difference every day.  Bullying must stop and the best way to do this is to educate anyone who breathes, anyone who has the capacity to despise, to spew foul words of hate and maim others just because they are different. Tell the Bullies that we'll tolerate no more and to spread love to all we can.  Isn't it time peace reigned on Earth?

Nomar Knight

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