Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love's Prisoner

Love's Prisoner
By Nomar Knight

Sometimes love doesn't knock on the door, 
But breaks it down.
And when it sweeps you away
Watch out!
Like in a vampire's embrace you become its willing captor.

Love hypnotizes you
Makes you do things you'd never thought possible
In a blink!
Love whips you into a frenzy 
And makes you beg for more

Before you know it
Nothing else matters
The soft caress, the all consuming gaze, the pitter patter heartbeat
Overtakes common sense 
And squeezes every drop out of you

Ah, to love with passion 
And be loved with fury is the ultimate sensation
There shouldn't be a question of why
Screw analysis!
Let love take you prisoner and see how you'll finally be alive!


  1. Lovely poem, my friend! Not much luck in the love department for me, though. Maybe someday!


  2. Great coverage ! Nice poem and lovely ! My school is currently holding a contest for one to two winning poems or short stories to be published into the school magazine, and I wanted to be a part of this. I have submitted one poem on the topic of Autumn, but I don't feel it's the best to win. Any tips/suggestions would be great and poem ideas.

  3. Hello Blaze. I'm sorry about your love woes.

  4. The best advice I can give for writing poetry is to make sure it's emotional and packed with imagery. Good luck, Here, and do have fun!