Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bad Character! Mr. Quality Jones

The nerve of some characters. I know I haven't been updating my blog like I should but I've been busy editing, rewriting stories that I want to submit for publication and writing a new book. Well, maybe a few books. Regardless, that doesn't give any of my characters permission to high jack my blog. Bad character, Quality, bad!

Let's see where I stand. Quality Jones is still frozen in time and he may well be that way for a few months more. A new character has my attention. Actually, he's an old character only now I know his name. He's Hunter Colby, a rookie FBI agent working in the anti-terrorist task force. It turns out he's gotten himself in a world of trouble. I always suspected there's more to this country than anyone has let on, you know; a secret society that's aware of things us plain folk could never fathom. Hunter finds out first hand what happens when secret agents clash with supernatural forces. A struggle for control is inevitable and Hunter's caught in the thick of things. The fact that his psychic aunt revealed to him when he was young that he was destined for greatness, has perhaps steered him in uncommon ground.

Sorry I'm being vague, it's just I'm waiting for something even more jarring to occur. I believe revelation will come either tonight or tomorrow.

As for the Countess Lorraina Sandoval, don't cry for her. She'll get her moment in the spotlight soon enough.

In the meantime, I'm rewriting two short stories, both to be entered in contests, one in WDC and the other I hope to see published in a literature site. If it wins that contest great, but anyone who knows me, knows I don't care about winning contests, just improving as a writer and hopefully entertaining my few readers. :-)

I'm also helping my friend Taniuska with her sensational novel Wolfkin Be sure to purchase it when it comes out. Which of course, I'll review it here.

I have to keep it brief today because I hear Hunter calling me. (Licks lips) This should be fun.

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Nomar Knight

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