Friday, June 25, 2010


The sun threatens to break through angry, gray clouds. While I’m on my back, I stare up at the sky, admiring the Creator’s artistic display and pray for a semblance of holy revelation. A quick glimpse at my feet reveals a chaotic formation of purple blotches on my aching legs. With each simple movement I attempt, painful electrical impulses shoot throughout my naked, feminine body. I rise and grimace with the realization my legs must carry humanity’s heaviest burden. I almost jump for joy but the pain in maintaining my balance bathes me with perspiration. My lungs fill with gobs of air, drowning me with a new welcomed affliction. I raise my bloody right hand and shield my eyes as glorious rays beam down from Heaven.

“I did it!” I wince as friction strains my throat. Then a cold breeze brushes my amber tresses and as if by magic, it whispers in my ears: Water, you need water to survive. At last the sun’s warmth coats me with hope. A few white feathers float towards an oasis that waits in the middle of barren land.

Once again I look up and smile, “Thank you my Lord.”

My first step as a woman comes with pain. The fall from heaven still hurting; I grimace, stumble and crash face first on the sand. Determined to survive, I drag my body over rocks to an oasis and sip the essence of life. I am an Angel no more.

245 words


  1. this piece has a cool futuristic and surreal feel to it. i like how you wrote it from a different gender perspective too. nice.

  2. Thank you Sir for the kind words. I appreciate it. :-)

  3. Michael is right. A surrealist and 'otherworldly' feel to the story. Nice descriptions of the angel getting used to his mortal female body. Great job, Nomar.

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  4. Thanks for the tip and the kind comments Alan. And thanks for sharing your Friday Flash; it was excellent!

  5. Welcome to #fridayflash!

    Nice piece, lovely description. Well done!

  6. Nice debut. Love how she has to get used to life, with all its struggles. Each day, a new learning experience.

    Welcome to #FridayFlash.

  7. Hello Gracie and J.M. Strother, I appreciate the kind comments. Thank you for welcoming me into your talented circle.

  8. Hey Nomar: enjoyed your story. It reminded me of the classic story of the mermaid, who became a real woman but felt like she was walking on knives with every step. I imagine angels might feel the same.
    Welcome to fridayflash!

  9. Thank you Cathy. I appreciate you taking the time to write a kind comment my way. Take care.