Sunday, June 6, 2010

Escape of the Monster Within

“Monsters are real and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” -Stephen King

There's nothing more frightening than the shaking of fundamental reality. Humans readily accept certain truths to be self evident, counting on what society believes to be tangible, scientific facts. The old saying: if you can not see it or feel it, then it does not exist; is how most of us live our lives, at least publicly. Life would be so much easier if we choose not to let the possibility of an invisible world, interfere with our notions that everything on this planet has a reasonable explanation. To be ignorant is to allow yourself to be stunned later in life. Since we can't hide the sun's rays by holding up one finger, it is also true that we can't hide the fact that things exist which we can't explain, both in our environment and within ourselves.

While I'm aware of many evils surrounding us, I want to focus on an entity so potent, most of us don't realize it exists. Man has an innate knowledge of good and evil. With the help of their parents, they learn to suppress dark desires as best they can. Although, sins trickle out into the light as natural as a nosebleed; as a result of moral instruction, they attempt to either steer clear or hide their wicked ways. All the attempts at controlling our capacity for sin is perhaps, noble. Religion was founded for the sole purpose at keeping the sinner in line and hopefully on the path to salvation.

Let's face it. We are well aware that deep inside each of us, is a monster waiting to be unleashed. We may not admit it, and as we look around there are souls who seem incapable of performing the slightest evil deed, yet it is our birthright; it is what we are inside that terrifies me.

Today, a new book begins, one that will take me on a journey of self-discovery. One that helps examine the origins of man's inherent capacity for darkness. Here's a quote: "The beast festers within, until an evil catalyst coaxes it from hiding, unleashing atrocities upon all it touches." - The Book of Tortured Souls ©2010, by Nomar Knight

There's no need to invent new monsters when there's a terrifying menace lying dormant within. All it takes is something or someone willing to commit an act of evil so defiling that the sleeping monster will rise from within the depths of darkness and bring forth a wrath filled with hate and destruction. The scary part is the mind does not need to command the body to perform its evil deed. The mind is so powerful, that by sheer will alone, it can unleash an energy all too eager to serve its master.

The monsters are indeed real. They do live inside us, but do we really want them to win?

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